Taza – Fnideq – Algeciras (Spain) – Mertola (Portugal) – Cazalegas (Spain)

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Spring is beautiful! Enjoy the pictures!

Europe – Africa


December 14. 2013

Km today: 120 +15 on the ferry

N36°07’40” W005°26’42” – 35°10’10” W005°15’53”


Today is the day! Today we will cross over to Africa! And the weather seems to kick us out of Europe – its stormy, cold and the sky is full of dark clouds. We sleep long which is good after the exhausting last two days and go to have chai at our Pakistani friend in the morning. The ticket is around 100 Euro for two Persons and the bike which seems pretty expensive. After bargaining and running around for an hour we get one for 100 and save around 5 euro. We then get petrol and ride around in the harbor searching the ferry for about quarter an hour before finding it. The ferryride offers amazing views of Gibraltar and a stormy sea. Its not really quiet and you can see the upset sea in the eyes of many people. At the very end of the ferry where it goes up and down like on a roller coaster people stand and smoke hashish openly while I try to get a grip and take some pictures.

We get of the ferry in Ceuta which still is Spain and cross the border a few kilometers after leaving the ferry. At the border there is a long queue of cars so I stop at its end. After 15 minutes I recognize the queue being somehow Indian style… I start the engine and go to the front. Spanish side is quickly and on the Morrocan side we get caught by two “guides”. This guys I always meet at foreign borders, for a few Euro they would help you through the border ceremony and I believe its worth it. Anyway I had to stand in another queue at a fish tank office for about an hour to get my stamp for the motorbike while the last rays of the sun disappeared.

After crossing the border the road is new, full of light, two lanes, a speed limit nobody takes care of… No problem to go the 100km to Chefchaouen even at night. But  after 50km the road changes becoming an amazing motorbike road. Mountains to the left and right, amazing curves, little traffic and a lot of police checkpoints.

Arriving in Chefchaouen we try to get directly to the center. Going wrong direction down a one way a guy in a yellow traffic jacked stops us, and shows us a place to park, to eat and to sleep. Hospitaly here is amazing and people still stay friendly (or become even more friendly) when they realize I am here for touring the mountains on the motorbike and not to buy the drugs this area is famous for too. We get a real nice room in an amazing traditionel Haveli for a real fair price – Mint tea, roof top and wifi included – even the surrounding mountains remind me of Pushkar. After check in we want to take a little walk but Abdullah is already waiting for us to take us to his families restaurant and we get traditional Morrocan Tajine! After going back to the hotel we fall asleep quickly as we are very tired even though we did only few kilometers today. However this is the first target, and an amazing one too! We sleep long the next morning and then enjoy mint tea in the hot sun on the rooftop. I get shaved when I go to change some money and find out they have hamam and guglhupf here! I buy some Guglhupf and go back to our sunny rooftop to finish the blog. Morroco is great so far and I can’t wait to see it closer!