A day in the life of….

December 30. & 31. 2012 Agra – Jaipur

Km done: 250

On the way to Udaipur Omtatsat (my motorbike) had problems: the oilpump broke on the way so the engine broke a few km later. In Udaipur I got a new engine. Salim, the mechanic didn´t make me feel really good when he told me my mechanic in Pushkar is a very bad mechanic and more things like this. (I trust and love Bablu, he is the most honest mechanic I have ever seen and he solved all problems I ever had with the bike for really fair prices – even more he is just about to fix the problems with the engine of suryananda (the magic buzz)). However Salim finished his work more than a day late spending half an hour telling me he is the best mechanic for enfields ever before he would let us leave….

Valerie, a beautiful girl from California whom I met in Pushkar was with me at that time. “New engine, 2000km go slowly and make break after 50km for the first 500” he told us before we hit the road…. We really tried to do what he said but after 30km the engine was hot and stopped. We called him and he said something like “No problem, make break every 30km”. Now I was already pretty sure he had done bullshit but still we went on. That day we did about 100km making many breaks. Not fulfilling my expectation there were no problems on the next day so we arrived in Pushkar in the afternoon. I spent a few days in Pushkar trying to solve problems with suryanandas engine and tire before I left to Agra where I had to meet a doctor who can maybe heal my diabetes using stemcells.

This journey took me two days as I was still going very slowly. From Pushkar to Jaipur it’s a nice and dry dessert area so at daytime it was pretty warm and nice. After Jaipur there are many rivers and channels. Its agricultural and well irrigated area – you can also call it a swamp. So when leaving Dausa (little town with filthy overpriced hotels 50km behind Jaipur) it was foggy… and cold. 12° on the motor bike without handle heating, wind protection for the hands and gloves made me miss my KTM and my “Paneer” (motorbike suit in Austrian) a lot.

A few kilometers before Agra a little ignition problem started. Sometimes I did not have full power for 2 seconds, then again power 3 seconds and again less power…. Salim had suggested to put some oil in the petrol not without giving me a spare spark plug. The problem appeared first about 30km before Agra so I just went on and changed the spark plug. When riding in town the next day there was no problem so I just put the bike to the mechanic to change the oil and put new bremsbeläge. I met the doctor because of whom I went to Agra and left again one day later. I had some really nice experiences in Agra again for example one rickshaw driver who showed me and my german friend Stefan around two years ago. He remembered me exactly crying at sunrise in front of Taj Mahal and after playing didgeridoo for a long time. Also I got free chai again for making music and many Indian people at the chai shop made a great audience.

So this brings us to the story. A classic blog day again as you will read. Crazy, exhausting, amazing, full of great experiences – the spice of my life!
I left Agra too late because being busy meeting people who never came in the morning. Sun came out at 11 but I left Taj Ganj not before 1pm. First 60km went quickly so I was pretty sure to arrive in Jaipur only little after sunset when suddenly I noticed the same loss of power again. Spark plug was changed so this was not the problem. I let the engine cool down for half an hour and then went on. 20 minutes later the same problem.

Again stop at the Chai shop meanwhile it was getting later and more foggy again so not only the engine needed to cool down but I needed to warm up. By now I was pretty sure that Salim had done bullshit on my beloved girl. When I had done around 100km since Agra, still 140 to go to jaipur I stopped again. Sun was setting and there was no chance to arrive in jaipur today. I think about searching a hotel or sleeping for free but very cold and very much in public at the chai shop. Then I have another idea… When the engine broke 80km before Udaipur we took a taxi taking us and the enfield. The imagination of the heating inside the taxi and the people at the chai shop starting to get drunk are making the decision for me. I ask the guys for a taxi and only two hours later they arrange a lift to Jaipur on a truck for me.

Awesome! I had never been inside of these amazing trucks and when I put my luggage in the cockpit I realize the cockpit is nearly nothing but a huge bed! We put the Bullet on the back of the truck: 6 indian guys and I lift up the bike to the height of my shoulders – their heads: no problem! Half an hour later we leave the chaishop direction jaipur. 3 hours they say which makes me calculate we will arrive in jaipur around half past 10pm. Not the best time for searching a hotel. At the first of many chai stops I get a bag of lays chips – my only food today. I enjoy the ride and when we arrive in jaipur its past 12 o clock.

Shitty time for searching a hotel I think when the driver suddenly makes a sharp left turn leaving the highway proceeding on a dusty road. “Interesting” I think as I had expected them to let me out somewhere close to the center of the city. When they see a wooden bed/table under a roof in front of a shop they stop the truck, sit together with me in the cockpit and smoke beedies. In the cockpit there is plenty of space for the three of us I think and start putting the luggage aside so we all can sleep there. “Kanha? – Food?” they ask… YES! At the last chai stop they had bought plenty for the three of us to eat so we leave the truck to sit on the bed/table to eat. After finishing the food we go back to the truck but the guys only take out a blanket and start making themselves comfortable at the bed/table outside. Seems like my private room for tonight is the cockpit of an Indian truck! YES! I sleep amazingly well until somebody knocks at the door around 5 am.

When I fell asleep it was warm but now again it is freezing cold. A chai shop just outside is already open so I go to get chai and warm at the fire they made there. Two hours to dawn I think while the drivers unload my bike. Engine starts on first kick so no problem now. However the first thing I will do in Jaipur is searching a good mechanic. Still one and a half hours to go to sunrise so I take out the guitar and start to make music for the crowd at chaishop. Very quickly, about only 5 chai later, the sun is rising and I leave the chai shop to go the last ten km to the pink city.
By the way, while writing this it becomes midnight – So happy New Year, blessings, peace, love, sun and happiness to you! Relax and enjoy! Be one! Good night!