Aurora Borealis – the paragliding/geomagnetic storm video!


I finally did it! After travelling the north 4 times within the last 20 months and taking more than 20.000 pictures I was able to choose the 9000 best ones and create a time lapse! A short video of me flying the northern lights with my paraglider is also included at 1:30.

The story and some pictures of the flight you will find here.

youtube link in case embedding does not work

Soundtrack by Suduaya:
0:00 – Snow and Stars
8:30 – Scent of light

Must see:
1:30 – Northern lights Paragliding
12:25 – Geomagnetic storm at Oksfjord

0:00 – Ivalo, Finland
0:48 – Vadso, Norway
1:15 – Inari, Finland
1:22 – Sommaroy, Norway (cabin balcony)
1:26 – Abisko, Sweden
1:35 – Hilleroy, Norway
2:46 – Sommaroy, Norway (cabin balcony)
3:20 – Norskehavet, Norway
4:06 – Karesuvanto, Finland
5:25 – Sinetta (Rovaniemi), Finland
5:45 – (near) Tromso, Norway
6:40 – Langfjordbotn, Norway
8:28 – Jokelfjord, Norway
10:27 – Langfjord, Norway
12:25 – Oksfjord, Norway
13:41 – Langfjordbotn, Norway
14:48 – Langfjord, Norway
15:05 – Ivalo, Finland

Aurora Borealis – 11 hints 4 hunts


The northern lights are definitely one of the most beautifulincredibleamazing miracles this planet has to offer. There is no way to describe them by words, pictures, or movies! Luckily you neither need a lot of time nor a lot of money if you stick to my advice.

1. Don´t travel with Finnair.
2. Get a rental car with unlimited kilometers – book early to get a better price.
3. Get a simcard with a lot of GB – you will spend a lot of time far away from wifi.
4. You will need two websites. The more important one is – here you will find a cloud forecast with a high accuracy for the next 72 hours. Hunting northern lights means hunting blue sky – be ready to drive a lot. If the map shows white it does not necessarily mean there will be a thick cloud cover, sometimes its just a tiny little layer of damp in the air which does not reduce the visibility a lot. The second website is which gives you a forecast about sun activity with little accuracy for the next hour to come and no accuracy at all for the next three days. But still I recommend to get familiar with all graphs and numbers on their forecast site as it can give you some feeling what to expect. However if you found clear sky and no Aurora north of 67,5°N be patient! The Aurora will come, no matter what aurora-service says.
5. Take pictures, use a tripod, small f number, iso 1000-2000 (carefull with the noise) and exposure between one second and up to 1 minute. On the pictures you will see more colors and if the Aurora is weak and you haven’t seen it before the picture might show you where it is and what to look for. Its much better visible on a photography (when weak)!
6. Dusk and dawn take more than 3 hours each – this is the time to sleep! Don’t miss the amazing light of low sun during the daytime and keep hunting the aurora as soon as the nautical twilight ends!
7. Avoid light pollution – stay away from cities.
8. In my experience the best chances to get good weather are around Tromso, if you roam here for at least 5 days between October and early march you will definitely get a good chance.
9. Sleep in the car and take a room only when the weather is bad – this will be the case often enough and rooms are expensive! Look for cabins which are often the better deal.
10. Norway is up to 20°C warmer than Finland and Sweden due to the gulfstream. This is the difference between -5°C or -25°C at night.
10.5 (edit) Because of so many people asking – best time to see the Aurora is from september to march – summertime means 24 hours daylight, no northern lights!
11. Don’t travel with finnair!!

Good luck – enjoy the magic!


How it all began!


Published on: Dec 24, 2015

For the first time for 8 years I will not be abroad during New Year (dont worry I am about to leave soon) so I thought about a Christmas special this year. I started this blog in 2011 when I drove to India but how did I get there?

Actually it all started when I was a child. Two different channels to choose from on the TV and all I was interested in were documentaries about wild animals at faraway places. Not much time in front of the screen and a lot out in the nature… Later in school I was bored very easy – I just couldn’t manage to stay in a room all day and listen to stupid stuff when outside the sun was shining. I am glad not to be too stupid so I somehow managed my way through most of the time. Soon my best friend below the desk became my Atlas. I figured out how to read it soon and on rainy days I visited places at the maps in my mind. English I spent in the colonies and while math I calculated how long it would take me to walk there. While everybody else in class was learning biology I was dreaming about rowing down Ghambia river watching hippos and bee eaters. Needless to say I loved geography! (Biology either but I had usually read the book for the year before Christmas and was bored then…)

Needless to say I dropped out of school at the age of fifteen. I tried other schools and different apprenticeships but nothing really attracted me. (Tough I learned a shitload of really important things). At this time I met a guy living in a farm in Carinthia with his family who had travelled india. I was very impressed – mostly by his clear eyes. At this time it was not so much of a problem to make some money and I was still living at home! That has been my first decision to travel to india.

Even though it was not so much of a problem to make money then it took time so my first journey was to become a short one. I just wanted two weeks of and grabbed a last minute ticket which had been pretty cheap then. Teneriffa it said and La Gomera I decided. And what a perfect first trip it was! I had a room for the first three days and then slept on the beach feeding a dog who would warn me when police was looking for people who sleep on the beach each evening. Later I moved to a little bay a stonecast away from valley Gran Rey but only to be reached when the tide was low. There were caves and a crazy old guy – I loved it!

When I came back I soon met Dagmar – my first girlfriend. I really love her but unfortunately she is not into travelling at all. She broke up with me 10 years later, I really needed some time off again, and I remembered about India. Fortunately I had finished university by that time and time was rather an issue than money. It must have been November 2007, when I met another girl who asked me if I want to come to India with her in two weeks. Why not, I replied and two weeks later we met at the check in counter at Vienna airport. Vienna to Mumbai via London is quite a detour but the flight from London to Mumbai was overbooked anyway – at least the economy section of it! We traveled first class!

So I was in India for the first time of my life, well Goa actually – but a nice arrival zone to India at least. By that time in my life I had given up hope for humanity. I had accepted that we are are all cursed to run after a carrot we would never get and most important to always feel unhappy! In Austria, where I come from I see too many people obviously having all you can get (for money) still being totally unhappy AND still continuing what they are doing!

In India I suddenly met a billion of people who have nothing but…. nothing but a smile in their face! I immediately fell in love with this country! Having five weeks only I wanted to leave Goa and explore the country, see it in all its beauty and stunningness (word correct doesn’t know India obviously)!
Within 5 weeks and by public transport I went the route: Anjuna – Hampi – Hyderabad- Vijayawada – Puri – Bandhavgarh – Agra – Pushkar – Rishikesh – Delhi (!!) (to see it on a map click here)

More than 4500km by train and some of them by bus. Given the average speed of an indian train at 30km/h at that time (not joking) I spent one of the five weeks on trains!

Of course I had not seen enough, I had made amazing experiences and for the first time in my life it felt real. I was depending on myself responsible for myself – nobody to blame for nothing! (The girl I had come with stood in Goa most of the time)

At my second visit to India one year later I met Lina from Sweden. I was in love like never before, and she too. We spent an incredible year together and I still have feelings for her like for the first flower I see in spring.

Our relationship ended one year later in India again. I extended my stay and went straight away to a yoga ashram in Pushkar where I stood the months to come. I bought “Om Tat Sat”, my third love – a 1982 model 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet! Soon it was redesigned and on the road and it was to become and amazing trip – my first overland trip on my own wheels by the way. I simply loved it. You will find it documented on my youtube channel looking up the videos titled “Gods own country on gods own bike”. The map of this trip you can find here and here (not possible to put too many places in one routing)

When I flew home after that extended stay the sky was clear, I had a window seat and I am pretty sure there is still a cast of my face on that window. I wanted to see all of this close up – on the road! One of the last times I talked with Lina I told her about the idea going to India by car. “Impossible” she said to me – the Capricorn.

This Blog I started for my mother to let her know I am fine. Let’s all send her best wishes, she is at the hospital at the moment recovering from a knee surgery.

I know there are loads of mistakes in the blog, sometimes even sentences without an end. Please be aware that I am writing this while travelling, mostly in the evening after a wonderful exhausting day. Sometimes I fall asleep while writing but, and I am sorry for this, I never read it a second time. Simply because there are better things to do at that moment. I know its shit and I am sometimes ashamed of myself when I read what I wrote years after. So please keep this in mind and show mercy.

By now travelling has given me a seemingly infinite lot of joy, amazing friends and stunning experiences, beautiful relations, incredible Visions – moments of pure happiness and bliss…
Now go and get a ticket! (I got mine and I’d love to meet you on the road!)

Hvar 4


Get up at 4:30 to go for the sunrise on my beloved road. Its incredibly beautiful amazing! Then I go back to bed to sleep until noon! Today the shiatsu with Syama is planned and I hurry to get food at Gareta. I find out that Maria is a police officer of duty because of her small children. She tells me how fast she goes with her bike and how to avoid speed controls (if there could be people – there could be police! They never make speed checks out on open roads!). The Food is amazing like always and I hurry to check out a place for shiatsu. At the end I decide to do it right in front of Syamas accommodation near Stari Grad harbor. Shiatsu goes well and is fun – its an amazing place to work here in the nature!

By the way ALL shops were closed all day today for a religious holiday. They are opened even on Sundays (which is… when u r from Austria…. quiet unusual!).

After the shiatsu I enjoy the sunset in Stari Grad and for the first time since I am here I see the sun set in the sea. What a day!

I made a video of the morning ride again and like a proper new love I find out new beautiful aspects of her every day. Riding her is different every time and starting the day together with your love is probably one of the best things that can possibly happen to us…. Enjoy the porn:

Maria and Nicola

Shiatsu at Stari Grad




Hvar 3

Today I wake up early (!!!!)! At eight o’clock already! Shower, sun lotion, and breakfast in the sun on the balcony. Ten minutes after breakfast is finished the sun disappears and I feel drops on my skin. Opposite of me a dark cloud is growing and soon I hear thunder and see lightning. But happily the storm disappears quickly and a hot day is starting. The project of today is visiting my love and finding a place and a victim for a shiatsu video. I asked the friendly staff but they don’t seem to have time enough – anyway, I paid the rest of my bill and found out the food I got in the first two evenings is for free! By now I am pretty sure I will come back here!

I love the hospitality of the people running this place!

After breakfast I visit the neighbor cove to see if there is a good shiatsu place there but I find a lavender plant with lots of butterflies and bumble bees – what a motive to take a few pictures!
Yesterday I found a local place to eat in jelsa with a friendly master cook patron and a sweet waitress who has an even sweeter motorbike. I decide to ask them if they want to be my victims for shiatsu and enjoy lunch there. On the way there I have to visit my love and so I have a big smile on my face when I arrive.

I ask the waitress if she ever managed to ride that road without speeding like crazy – “Impossible” she smiles and my question how many people die on the road each year she replies “just a few” and we laugh. I eat amazing filled paprika with mashed potatoes and incredible sauce. They don’t want to be my victims but they send me to Hvar town as there are yoga classes for the locals in the evening. It seems to be the party place as they tell me but its nice at this time because no party people yet. I jump on the bike and got there to find another beautiful old harbor town with a beautiful castle above.

In the harbor I take a cappuccino in the sun and enjoy the beauty. When I ask the waiter for the yoga people he sends me to a neighboring shop. Should have seen the hippie stuff in front of it myself I think and as there are customers at the moment I decide to take a little walk and take a few pictures. When I come back the lady running the shop and I like each other immediately. I ask for the yoga and tell her what I want. She tells me about a friend who is hare krsna devotee and shiatsu practicioner – and she lives in Stari Grad which is way closer to my place! As I had left my phone at my place she calls her for me and we agree to meet one hour later. I quickly go shopping (found a perfect chai pot exactly like I always wanted) and hit the road.

Syama is very welcoming and agrees to help me with the video. She has been to india several times and teaches Sanskrit which impresses me a lot. We have a cappuccino together a take a little walk. She knows a perfect place for the shiatsu video and we agree to meet tomorrow at five to do it. When I leave I am already a little late for my sunset meeting with my love.

When I prepare for the ride two beautiful girls stop in a white cabrio and ask if I have a problem with the bike and they could help. I am stupid enough to tell them there is no problem and I’m just preparing for a joyride. However – today I make it in 8:26 which is an improvement of 25 seconds compared to yesterday! Unfortunately the girls have confused me enough that I didn’t check the lense and when I take a look at the video later I find out that a fly has crashed with the lense of the gopro and I can’t use the video! Still got two more chances (tomorrow I will do shiatsu at sunset time) for a sunset video of that road and my target is to do it in less than 8 minutes!

When I ride home after sunset I freeze my ass of in the t shirt but still have to stop to take some pictures of a few olive trees I recognized from the corner of my eye. A hot shower is the first thing I do when I come home and then I make chai with the new pot! Love it!

thunderstrom @ paradise
thunderstrom @ paradise

neighbor cove
neighbor cove

no tourists in Hvar!
no tourists in Hvar!

Hvar walk 1
Hvar walk

Hvar walk 2
Hvar walk

Hvar walk 3
Hvar walk

the tourist!!!
the tourist!!! I found him! Open the restaurants!

olive sunset
olive sunset

Hvar 2

Nothing special today… the predicted rain happend at night (before I woke up). Caught a bad sunburn when riding yesterday and was intelligent enough to buy ready made spaghetti for dinner. Of course I visited my love again today and made another amazing video which I have to cut at home before publishing. Been to Stari Grad which happens to be another amazing harbour town and visited the barber there – only machine :(. Enjoyed an amazing sunset :).











Indian Chai in Lebanon

The last day in Lebanon has begun. Our Peshmerga friend (just joking) Ismael leaves early in the morning. Its very windy outside and we have electricity most of the day which is very unusual.

In the afternoon we visit Abu Saleem who shows me the water collecting system which I have already admired at my first visit – but higher up in the mountains. Down here it is a concrete tunnel with more than 2.5 square meter cross section holding for sure more than 5 cubic meters of water per second at the moment. It’s the drink water for most of Baalbek and about 15 villages around as well as the irrigation for the fields. Reminds me a lot of the “Hochquellwasserleitung” in Austria which transports the drink water for Vienna more than 200km from springs that are also around 2000m above sea level. Here the way is much shorter…

In the evening I use the last dried sindshabil (ginger) and hel (cardamom) to make indian chai for the two of us. Ali loves it like everybody who has tasted it – maybe I started a new trend and there will be chai wallahs at every corner when I come back – what a nice idea!

I want to leave at ten but don’t make it before 10:30pm. My plane starts at 4 in the morning in Beirut and in Beirut you should be at the airport three hours before start as there are more security checks than on a usual airport. Taking the road via Tarfaya which I like much more than the direct big road with its many army check points I drive comfortably and including two coffee breaks arrive at the airport two and a half hours before take off. I get a window seat to finally sleep a little and manage to do all the checks just in time for the boarding. In the plane a five year old child sits on my seat with his mother next to him. I can’t sleep while people are falling over my feet so I insist on my seat. At the end the little fucker keeps kicking me with his feet for three hours while his stupid mother tries to calm him down by repeating his name permanently…. At the security check in Belgrade I am asked to take all cameras and computer out of the bag – I do so and put all on a tray to get the rest of the camera bag emptied bottom over top out on the other side – of course I am pissed more and ask for the names of the guys which they refuse to give me….

Next day morning I arrive at 8:30 at Vienna.
I hope you enjoyed this winter’s stories and to see you again in autumn.

Paragliding Lebanon NOT

Next morning the sky is blue and hardly any wind, I look up to the cedar take off which is a 1.5 hours drive away but visible from the rooftop. I can’t wait, take my stuff and leave direction Bcharre at around 7.30. Alan is flying at Miziara which is a little further than Bcharre so I call him to get me a clearance for cedars to make one flight there on the way to Miziara where I want to meet him. The view to Bekan Valley is beautiful and I enjoy being alone for the first time for a week a lot. At 1850m above sea level patches of snow appear next to the road. At 1990m the road is blocked by snow! Fuck! It’s April 14., and I’m in Lebanon!

I turn around and go to the next mountain pass further south – Tarfaya. Alan suggests Beirut which one more further south. I am horrified by the traffic of Beirut and think when Tarfaya is blocked too I will not fly today. Fortunately Tarafaya is open. It’s like starting in Pakistan (people spak arab and are armed – honor counts more than law), passing Austria (the skiing regions up in the mountains) end ending up at the French Riviera (French is spoken and the landscape looks a lot like Cote d Azur, Ferraris are a little less than in France but visible on the streets – churches instead of mosques).

Jounieh take of is empty when I arrive. It is incredibly amazing and I can’t wait to fly down to the Mediterranean Sea. There is a gentle lift close by the mountain and the flying conditions are perfect for a nice flight enjoying the fantastic view. Alan had suggested to come here as Miziara is at least another hour driving and its past 1pm already. I have to be back for dinner at Alis place at 7pm – we are invited. I am in contact with Farah because of my Army clearance for the flight – Alan is flying and Farah asks me to wait a little as there are problems with my clearance. He promises to keep calling them while I wait. Suddenly a few cars arrive. The first guy jumps out of the car towards me and asks me what I do here. I’d like to fly I answer. He asks me whom I asked for it, if I have a cellphone and If I am in contact with somebody… “Secret army”? I think when he recognizes my face and starts laughing. He shakes my hand, kisses me and introduces himself – “Omar, acro pilot”. I give him my phone and tell him about the situation: no clearance yet. I watch them take of twice and at 4pm I give up.

I write a message to Alan and leave. Alan texts me back and invites me for coffee to his place which is not far away – of course I go. Alan is a very nice guy and tells me about the current situation. The army is very strict about flying at the moment as there has been intelligence reports about terrorists who want to attack using paragliders! I wonder what the Austrian air force should do in Lebanon and how they should get there – but maybe there are other groups using paragliders who have more than rocks to throw. Alan is very sorry that I can’t fly today and invites me for dinner. I would love to stay but have an appointment at “home”.

The situation about flying will probably change again very quickly and I consider what happened incredible bad luck. Lebanon is just amazing to fly and at the moment all military restrictions find an end it will be possible to travel the whole country by paraglider. Where else can you do something like this?

Visiting the refugee camp

Wednesday, the weather is still not good for flying so we visit one of Alis daughters in the morning and print some of the pictures I made for him and his family. In the afternoon we visit a friend of Ali who is currently a refugee. The tents look at the inside pretty much like the houses or more like the nomadic tents I have seen before. Not uncomfortable at all but I guess Alis friend being not one of the poor refugees. And here the people do work illegally a lot. They get paid probably not as well as locals but by this many people can suddenly afford to build houses and things like this. I wonder if the non-existing “garbage problem” here is connected with the cheap workers too…

In the evening the clouds start to look better and stars are appearing from the south – I finally hope for good weather to fly tomorrow!

Rain in the desert

Ali is happy that I am back. Even though his family had an eye on me and let me in the temple for free as well as gave me the chance to take the poppy flower picture at a prohibited location he was still concerned. I still don’t know if he is just a little over protective… the only place I was a little concerned at happened to be in front of a beautiful mosque which was full of people. Hussein just quickly picked up money there. At the temple there where only Arabic tourists except of one east Asian couple… It’s a real shame there are no tourists at such an amazing place.

Surprisingly the little Arabic I learned yet comes back very quickly as soon as I always here the language around. I learn more about this culture and become more accepted within Alis friends and family. The girls whom I hardly saw last time now sit with us, are having eye contact and even smiling at each other no problem. Opening the door in a Pyjama to let us in and then cook tea for us without getting properly dressed – no problem.

Another thing that changed is the close season. This time I hear birds singing in the morning instead of gunshots. All seems to be much more peaceful now and the only gunshots I hear this time are during a celebration Friday afternoon. Making party shooting in the air – no problems. And way less people with military guns than on Vienna airport for example. Still I wear a scarf and look rather like a Taliban than like a tourist whenever we go somewhere.

Monday afternoon takes Ismael (our Peshmerga friend (just joking)) and me to a huge roman pillar which is located in the middle of a field with the crops growing directly to the rock. Its an amazing view with the snowy mountains in the back ground. Ismael is a chef and has taken over the food supply, he grills amazing sea bass we got from the sea and we enjoy food in the kitchen while the storm whistle loudly around the upper storage of the 2 storage building in the middle of the fields.

Tuesday morning black clouds pull up in the valley and while we go to the village for shopping it finally starts to rain heavily. The fields are totally dried out by now so everybody is happy. We spend the day inside with the guys playing and me writing the blog and learning Arabic while joking with each other.

Being in contact with Alan and checking the weather forecasts I hope to be able to finally fly tomorrow – I really hope so as there is not much time left now.

Between roman temples, refugee camps and Al Qaida Taliban

In the morning a bird who went inside by mistake wakes me up when landing on me. I get up quickly and let him out. Ali is sitting outside and ten minutes after I come out it starts to rain, for about 2 minutes.

After breakfast we visit his son Hussein who was supposed to pick me up from the airport today. No power at Alis house at daytime so I take the opportunity to recharge some devices. On the way to the village I recognize the change since I’ve been here for the first time. Outside the villages where no houses are blocking the view it is impossible to find a place in the valley where I can’t see refugee camps. When I ask Ali about the situation with the refugees he keeps telling me “no problem no problem” smilingly – the same feeling I get when asking other people. The language barrier doesn’t allow me to ask further but either the locals and the refugees seem to be much more relaxed than at home – even though in this area of Bekan valley there are more refugees than locals at the moment. In Austria we consider 1% of the local population to be a problem – what a crazy world. Even the garbage problem which tortures half of Lebanon due to the government problems has long been solved by the municipality over here.

Luchtime we spend at Alis house and like always I sit in front of a full plate of amazing food and never manage to empty it half. When I am full Ali nearly forces me in his very cute way to eat at least two more plates. I will be so fat when coming home….

In the afternoon we visit Ali Abu Saleem, a good friend of Ali whose family owns a valley west of Balbek. At the entry to the valley there is a checkpoint again. Three boys between maybe 13 and 14 are playing soccer on the street which makes everybody stop and say hello – a few meters further there is one more boy with a rifle. Sophisticated! Minutes later we sit between flowering and buzzing apple trees (loads of yellow/black striped insects are flying from flower to flower – I don’t think we have them in Europe), enjoying tea. Ali Abu Saleem speaks a little better English than Ali and I enjoy his crazy stories from the 70s again. He also explains me a lot of the conflicts in the area and I slowly start to understand the conflict between shia and sunna. I don’t think that anybody in Europe knows that the Hezbollah is actually Christian friendly for example. I also start to admire the understanding of family the people here have. For example I never heard anybody say “my land” its always “my families land” and the oldest of the families are always the ones who are most respected, asked for advice and responsible at the end. But its no one way street, they seem to be always laughing, nice, generous, and full of love. The children are very well educated and very disciplined while having a lot of freedom to play not with a phone but together in the dirt. However the social system here seems to be much more functional than in Europe even tough (or maybe because?) having no functional government (whereas I wouldn’t say Austria has one but that’s another story).
The next day morning we first visit Alis daughter where 5 other men in Alis age are sitting and drinking tea. We join them and a little later breakfast is served. It sounds like they are discussing important things but I don’t understand enough to get more than fantasies of what they are talking about. However they laugh a lot and if there are any issues they are talking about they solve them amazingly well. A little later an amazing breakfast is served and again I have to eat too much.

In the afternoon Hussein, Alis first born son, takes me to the temple of Balbek. Last time Ali considered this to be too dangerous so I am very happy to get the chance this time – and it is an amazing site at an amazing location. Unfortunately it is too cloudy to take pictures that show the snowy mountains in the background and the green valley in between but the view is really amazing! Usually I am not a lot into temples and old buildings but this one is really an exception of the rule (like the Taj for example). Please read the history of this temple on WIKIPEDIA – its really worth it! When we come back home to Alis place his Kurdish friend who he has been waiting for has arrived. When I ask him where he is from (Iran, Syria or Turkey) he answers Kurdistan with no room for misunderstandings. I like him!

Found my smile in Lebanon

Leaving from vienna airport is a little bit scary today as all is full of heavy armed police – some of them wearing a black face mask which makes me laugh several times. On the first flight I get a seat next to the emergency exit and wise from my experience with Finnair I take food. But even though the price was nearly half compared to Finnair the catering is good and we even get sandwiches on the 60 minute flight to Belgrade. Air Serbia I love you!

After arriving in Beirut I get a sim card and a rental car and I notice the ankles of my mouth going up in an unusual way…. I was advised by the Lebanese embassy to get a permission for paragliding on arrival at the office of the ministry of tourism at the airport. When I go there I see an advertising video of Lebanon tourism showing paragliders – behind locked glass doors. When they open the very friendly lady doesn’t really know what to do and sends me to the ministry in Beirut city center. Fortunately I got in contact with a Paraglider from Lebanon after the last story and he promised to help. We agreed to eventually meet when I leave the airport so I call him now.

We already wrote about what I wrote the last time the day before – My article about being arrested when I was here the last time which seems to have made many people here angry with me. I really want to say sorry for this, I never wanted to write in any way “bad” about Lebanon. Please take my excuse for this as I didn’t even know until last Thursday somebody could understand it like this. All the face to face feedback I got at home was being surprised how beautiful it is here so I didn’t even get this idea.

In the news there are a lot of bad stories about middle east (most of which I dont agree according to mz experience) – my Intention with this blog is to honestly write the truth about countries like Jordan, Mauretania, Pakistan, Iran … (you find them all in the list to the right). Not the ultimate truth of course as its always my personal experience and adventure, but most of the times a much better, more beautiful, hospitable and safe picture than the media in Europe would suggest. To do this I have to be honest, and I believe people read the blog also because of adventures like this. The message and the aim of my blog still is to make many people visit all this countries and to stop that incredible fear that is spreading all over Europe, to make people realize that countries like Lebanon are much better than Europe in several things like many religions living next to each other for example. The headline of an article always tries to bring it to a point of course and in times like this always should have some clickbait qualities. I really hope that many people falled to the clickbait and then were surprised about the beauties in Lebanon I wrote about – and in reality this was the only feedback I got before talking to Alan.

I really did not want to insult anyone and I am really sorry. Even more as Alan assured me something like this never happened before or after. Nobody knows up to now what really happened, I never got an information why it happened in that extreme way and we have to agree that shit sometimes happens – no matter where you are. I feel really bad this happened here because as everybody who read the articles before knows I really think this is an amazingly beautiful country.

However, Paragliders who want to fly here should send a copy of their passport to Alan (Club Libanais de Vol Libre: Alan Debs 03344677) who will send them to the authorities. Then you just need to call them half an hour before take off so they inform the military – I think this is actually an amazing service because they will tell you if the weather is on the edge which for me is always hard to tell in a foreign country.

When leaving the airport in the rental car I recognize the most crazy traffic in the world again – not dangerous though because very slowly. Out of Beirut it slowly gets better and I enjoy the amazing mountain view when crossing the summits to Bekan Valley. Until my arrival in Balbek Police and military stop me 5 times. First time I am a little afraid because still being traumatized for what happened last time but in reality its just curiosity and kindness they stop me for.”where from?”, “nemsa” “Oh Achlanuasachlan (welcome in Arabic)” and a big smile. Again the edges of my mouth go up in that strange way.

I arrive at Alis place one day earlier than I had told him as I had mixed up the flying dates. I stop in front of his house and sound the horn. As soon as I see the face of the old guy who lives in the downstairs my mouth does this strange thing again but worse and at the same time a feeling I know from india, Nepal, Pakistan and many other non-European countries overwhelms all my body – pure happiness! And my mouth is smiling – without interruption!

A moment later I see Ali on the rooftop. I run up and we hug each other dancing – more happiness, I really love and missed him a lot! We celebrate our reunion and lots of friends are coming throughout the afternoon. Having slept only minute wise last night I am as tired as I am happy to see all my friends again. We spend chatting and drinking tea all afternoon and when the last one leaves around 6pm I lean back on the couch, exhale and wake up more than 12 hours later. What an amazing day!

Balbek view at Alis rooftop