Reykjavik II

Pictures only – speechless


August 20. 2014

Jetlag strikes me. I sleep a few hours very well but after having a chat with Gudny until late night I get up rather early Austrian time – which is before anybody wakes up at Icelandic time! Sky is blue and it’s a sunny day – when going out to smoke a cigarette I found out why this land is called Iceland – damn! Less than 10 degrees even in the august morning sun, and the wind is freezing!

So when everybody is up I check out the guitar first, and I love it! Because of me falling in love with her guitar Gudny nearly comes late for work. After getting there my mother and I make a walk through Reykajvik to see the church on the hilltop and the old harbor, change money and get some needful information. People here are smiling a lot and are very kind but still show hardly any reactions when I make music (what else to expect at 64°N?). At the old harbor a couple who is offering whale and puffin watching asks me to play a song and takes pictures of me. At the end they offer a private fishing trip for a really reasonable price at Friday morning. I tell them to think about it but already decided to do it. It’s a proper boat, the captain is very cute and whale and puffin watching is included.

Looking at the architecture you can notice immediately isolation is more expensive than heating here. Away from that buildings look a little like in Sweden.

In the evening I run for the sunset at Reykjavik Bay but miss it. Again I recognize (this time the modern) architecture of beautiful Reykjavik. In the evening jetlag strikes me again. Good night!


Vienna – Reykjavik                                                     August 19. 2014

After being incredibly busy the last three weeks I manage to get up really early having slept much too less to organize all I need to be able to leave at night. When I arrive at my mother’s place to pick her up I find out my joke about her taking 10 kg of muesli bars had not been that far from real. (She send me a sms a few days ago how many kg of my luggage she can use for muesli bars as she heard the food in Iceland is so expensive).

A friend of my mother takes us to the airport and we arrive there just in time. I joke around at the check in and ask for nice seats even though we are the last passengers to check in to a fully booked flight. Totally surprised I recognize the seat next to us is one of two seats that are not occupied on the plane. So full luxury as we have an incredible amount of space for the flight. About one hour before Iceland, pretty much around midnight I recognize dawn (or dusk?) in the sky on the right hand side of the plane. First time ever I see midnight sun and it is really amazingly beautiful! I have never seen a dark red sky like this before!

At the airport my soul is dancing when I see Gudny again who picks us up. I am really happy to see her again and even more happy to feel her happiness about seeing us too. Gudny was so kind to invite us to stay at her mother’s place so that’s where we go directly from the airport. All of us had a hard day so we have a quick cigarette to properly say hello while nearly freezing on the balcony and then go to sleep. I can’t wait to see Reykajavik at daytime and to try the beautiful guitar Gudny has already put in our room for me.

Sometimes it can be so easy – just do some thousand miles and life is incredibly amazing again!