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The first time ever I have to copy from another blog – soultouching best descrisption of what we do:

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We have been called many things. Travelers, by default. But we like to be called nomads. Explorers. Vagabonds. Adventurers. Wayfarers. Modern gypsies. Wanderers. We’ve adopted them all. A growing breed of humans with restless feet and the inability to stay still, the inability to stay in one place.

That is who we are. And that’s just the gist of it.

We come from all walks of life, from bustling gray colored cities, sleepy beach towns, snow-covered metropolises, small villages nestled in between lush green mountains, we come from everywhere. But our inner gravity always brings us to the same place… the road.

We deem courage weighs more than money when it comes to travel. We’re not rich, not financially well-off and we don’t travel for luxury. Our money does not come from rich parents, trust funds, or whatever privileges you think we have in order to maintain a life of travel. We work hard, or work while we travel and save whatever means we make. We travel at the cost of sacrifices. We’re happy living with just barely enough as long as we’re on the road. This means that we have given up plenty of comforts for the sake of travel. We would rather choose a dorm bed in a cheap hostel, a couch, a hammock, a tent, or concrete floor. We’ve slept in night boats, century old huts, train stations, in bamboo huts with indigenous tribes, in a house built on stilts in shantytowns and god knows where else.

We have learned to live in depth without comforts. The uncomfortable becomes comfortable to us. Most of us don’t own homes, or if some of us do, they’re probably renting it out to use that money to travel & explore. We don’t spend our money lavishly on things we don’t need. We don’t buy many things, we don’t let things own us. We’ve learned that the less things we have, the better we live.

We feel the most alive when we’re out there. Living nomadically with nothing but our possessions in a backpack and moving as our only constant. Anything is possible when we are given a brand new day in a place we have never been as we surrender ourselves to the currents of the universe.

We are mesmerized by every culture. We act like sponges when we go to a new country we’ve never been to, we immerse ourselves into every experience and soak our souls with its depth. We believe that smiles are universal and no matter what language fills our ears, we can see people’s stories through a smile.

We’ve learned to not let small annoyances, adversities, and misadventures get the best of us and we don’t let it ruin our days. We believe that in any given moment, we have the choice to suffer from whatever problems come our way, or just simply accept it. We’ve grown to choose the latter. We’re not afraid of troubles coming our way even if we are traveling alone most of the time. We’ve learned to face our fears and unlearn them so we grace through our days with courage. No matter whatever fears people project on us, we smile and look right past it. We have learned that if we constantly keep a sunny disposition and keep our light bright then we won’t see the shadows.

We follow wherever the next sunrise and sunset takes us. We are guided by moon cycles and stardusts. We look up the the night sky, gaze up at the cosmos, and know that wherever we are and whoever we’re without, we are never really alone. And we are comforted by this very notion.

We have dedicated our hearts to the road. Even when we’re not on it we’re working to save up for our next trip, every time we hear an airplane, we look up, smile and imagine ourselves on it. We know that the day is coming soon, and we are fueled by that thought. We go to bookstores to browse through the travel section, pick out travel guides and sit there skimming through the pages and daydreaming about our future travels. Our minds constantly drift away to the next destination on our list. Our wanderlust is insatiable and even when we feel it’s slaked, it doesn’t take long at all until we’re hungry again. And we’re hungry all the time.

We travel not just to go, we travel to evolve. Embracing new experiences, endlessly changing horizons, and each brand new day as a way of living. We live for airports, planes, buses, boats, trains, road trips. We find clarity in the blur of the places zooming past us as we look through the window. This is our home. This will always be our home.

These are the stories we will tell people, the ones we love, the ones we just met, the ones who come and ago, the perfect strangers. We will keep showing the others that we were born wanderers, that wanderlust resides within every single one of us. And that no matter who we are, where we are, what we do, and what we have we can always choose to follow it.

We’re not saying that you should give up everything in your life this second, buy a ticket, and pack your backpack. Although you can if really want to, if everything inside of you is telling you to do so you should listen. But we’re saying that when you choose to strip away years of unnecessary baggage, you’ll find freedom. We’re not saying that you should take the risk and leap, then everything will always be peachy and perfect. It’s never like that. But what we’re saying is, you should allow yourself to be free. You should allow yourself to stand on the fringes of life, and dive into its alluring ambiguity. Even if it means facing your fears. Even if it means making sacrifices. Even if it means letting go of things you’ve held onto for so long. Even if it means having to let go of people you love. Even if it all terrifies you. We’re saying open yourself up to the world. Embrace all of its worth. Let its teachings seep into all that you are. When you do that, all your layers will peel off and you will discover your true self.

And so here’s the truth. We travel not just to travel and marvel at people, places, things. That’s not just it. That was never just it for us. We travel to learn, to experience, and to feel all the spectrums of being human in this world.

One day, when we are old with silver hair, freckles, creases, and laugh wrinkles from many years of wandering drenched under sunlight. Our children’s children will lay out with us under the stars by a campfire on a moonlit beach elsewhere. We will tell them stories of wild adventures, of lived dreams, of enchanting places, of conquered fears, of lessons that turned into gold, lessons that we’ve learned from the road, and a full life lived. Our journeys will inspire their own.

Our journey is our truth. It’s the truth that illuminates us, as we continue on where we thrive and wander, on the road we call our home.


Taza – Fnideq – Algeciras (Spain) – Mertola (Portugal) – Cazalegas (Spain)

Link to the map

Spring is beautiful! Enjoy the pictures!

Ok I am getting too lazy to describe all the things I see every day.

Here in Morocco I meet a lot of “2-3 weeks tourists” who tell me who lucky I am to be able to travel. And I got some feedback for the blog too telling me things like this (I appreciate feedback, thank you!). My friends….. I thought about this some time when riding and my conclusion is:

Somebody once said that if you trade your freedom for your security you will lose either of them. bla bla bla (connection to the next sentence ). But once u start thinking of problems in terms of solutions you will find out you will not need security – because u have a solution for the problem (anyway).

So, I have Diabetes and need Insuline, what excuse do you have not to travel, not to be happy? Why do you think I am more lucky? Just make it happen! Now!

Ok enough now. I visited the Friouato cave which is one of the biggest in Africa (if I understood the guide right the biggest but who knows…). Enjoy the pictures!

Casa – Taza

Pictures mostly around Taza – incredibly nice enduro trekking possible there!

Atlas – Casablanca


N30°57’37” W008°14’50” – N33°35’19” W007°36’56”

Qued Ifniss – Casablanca

Km today: 360

I start the morning with an amazing breakfast and making some music in the café of my hotel next to the road. My host gives me applause after every song so we really have fun until I finally leave around lunchtime. I have been riding the road to come in the last days – time to have some fun, I turn on rage and the machine and hit the road (and I hit it hard). About an hour of deep down curves later I approach Marrakesh. I make a few detours but don’t really feel sympathy for the city – I go on to Casablanca as I planned.

Soon after leaving Marrakesh the sky becomes dark and a little before Casablanca it start to rain for the first time for a long time. Still I can’t really enjoy it knowing that my rain tires are waiting in the box which is todays destination. A few kilometers before I arrive in Casa I get stuck in a traffic jam and recognize the clutch cylinder finally gave up. Seems like the curve festival was too much after more than 60000km. Fair deal I got a spare one with me and the mechanic is only 20 kilometers away. And I make it, through rain and evening traffic in a huge town on slicks and nearly without clutch – Mashallah!

I am done when I stop the bike in front of a café next to the mechanic. Its evening and the mechanic is closed so I get a café and ask the people who sit around me for a hotel. A very sweet old guy asks me a few question about what I am searching for and runs away. Just when I finished my café he comes back and leads me the way to a hotel around the corner. 20 minutes later I have a very hot shower and relax after an exhausting day.

Next day is still rainy, I go to the mechanic early morning and then come back to get breakfast. After the breakfast I take a long walk in a very charming town to be back at the mechanic just after lunchtime. I got a new rear tire, oil and oil filter changed, clutch cylinder changed, air filter cleaned and the mirror fixed for a little less than 200 Euro! Yeah!

Sahara – Atlas

 N28°59’15” W010°03’27” – N29°23’ W010°10’25” – N30°28’05” W008°52’34” – N30°57’37” W008°14’50”

 Guelmim – Sidi Ifni – Taroudant – Qued Ifniss

3 days: 60km-230km-157km

Early in the morning Mike wakes me up one last time so we can have coffee together and say good bye. I have a lonely breakfast a few hours later and leave about lunchtime. The road to Sidi Ifni offers quite amazing curves compared to the straight roads until horizon of the sahara. On the way I take a coffee to arrive at Sidi Ifni early afternoon. The currents in the sea are amazing to watch from above for five or ten minutes… I decide to leave next morning heading towards Atlas mountains. I am not really in a riding mood that next day and tha road becomes boring and straight again too. In the evening of the second day I stop 60km before the beginning of the mountain road in Taroudant. A pretty and laid back desert town. Anyway I leave again next early morning, the road map on the gps temoting too much to taste this roads up there. The first break this third morning I make in a small village a few kilometers next to “my” road exactly where the mountains start. On the way back to the road I recognize a huge rock far in front of me at the road. It hasn’t been there 20 minutes ago and its still moving? No rock its one of the turtles living here crossing the street. I take some pictures and take racing position on the bike then. The curves to come are WUUUUHUUUUUUU!

In the evening I stop at an amazing place at a river in the mountains – birds are singing and the river does a nice sound too, trees are flowering and bees are humming, spring is here and the roads around are incredibly amazing… I decide to stay one or maybe two days.

Enjoy the pictures!