Monte Carlo and Nice – relaxing

 December 2. 2013

Km today: +- 45

I sleep well and long. When I wake up I feel comfortable and all the tension of the last weeks vanishes more and more. I do a little Yoga, take one of these amazing hot showers here and slowly start the day. I really need to clean the bike as there is still all the salt on it so I first go to the next petrol station which is between casino curve and the infamous tunnel. For quickly washing it down with water they want to charge 20 euro… All their garage is full with Ferraris, Porsches, Rolls Royce and cars like this. I leave and go direction Nice. A little out of town I ask again at the first petrol station. I directly ask the guy who is just cleaning a fancy black Ferrari. He asks 5 Euro which is perfectly ok for me. I get two redbull to get change, invite him for one of them and tell him about the 20 euro offer in town. We agree about the craziness of this price!

To dry the bike I go a little further direction Nice which is an amazing road. Unfortunately there is police and speed control nearly at every corner but still some of the curves are interesting within the speed limit. And the view is just amazing! No gloves, not fully dressed I enjoy the 20km to Nice where I do a little shopping and drink a coffee close to the beach. Riding down the hills to Nice I see the snow covered Mountains in the north – to close to stay around here any longer…

I come back well before sunset and decide to stay at home that evening. I still have some bread and cheese from Austria, I have to pack my stuff and want to go to bed early. Tomorrow I will go to Marseille which is less than 300km on the highway and more than 500 along the coast – guess which one I will take!