Barcelona II

 Dec. 9. 2013

Today is a funny day. First I find a mechanic around the corner (first working day since I am here) who can change chain and back tyre. Both are really finished and I take the chance to buy a heavy chain to lock the bike too. Even though Barcelona seems to be much safer  than Marseille I am happy to be able to lock it properly. The mechanic promises to get all he needs until tomorrow so I go to the club in the afternoon.

When I come back in the evening I have to pull the bike back up a little and to do so I have to get down. While doing so I block the narrow street for a few seconds and suddenly to cops jump on me…. Smilingly. They help me to put the bike on the bike park and then say good bye still smiling. Being dressed like the last hippie standing I am really surprised. I wonder if things like this (will) ever happen in Austria.

In the evening I make around two kg Apfelradel for everybody and they are eaten nearly before I am finished making them. Success, they love them!