Western Sahara – Mauritania (Nouadhibou)

 N22°03’16” W16°44’51” – N20°55’33” W017°02’22”

Jan 28.

Km today: 150

I hardly sleep this night so I am happy we are not in a hurry and I can sleep a little more in the morning. When finally waking up I check everything on the bike as its standing on a clean place (I have to mess up – no but honestly its nicer to lie on clean floor than on desert sand), have two coffee and then hit the road to catch up with Andi and Julia at the border. The landscape becomes more and more amazing but here it is very not recommended to leave the road as there are lots of mines out there. Last year three French offroaders died when “finding” one! Even though I make quite a few stop on the 80 km to the border I catch them when I arrive there.

Leaving Morocco takes about half an hour and then we enter “No Mans Land”. Several kilometer between western Sahara and Mauritania without road, laws or authority. The first time I have no option but to go offroad. Its really crazy how big trucks manage to pass this border! The Mauritanian border is very friendly and straight forward too, no bribes have to be paid, only 10 Euro for the registration of the bike and another 10 for the insurance for 10 days. The registration is only valid for 7 days so I will have not much time in Mauretania.

Sun is nearly setting when we leave the border so we decide to sleep in the closest town at a peninsula similar to Dakhla. The landscape becomes real desert now and the sunset is mindblowing! After Andi and Julia stop at a place where they will stay for tonight I go on to town to check a hotel that was recommended to me at the border. Its dark already and I really don’t like arriving in a new town after dark and needing to find a place to sleep then.

The recommended place – ABBA Hotel is shit. All the rooms are full and I am offerd to sleep in a shared sleeping room with a French guy. No possibility to lock anything and mattresses are lying on the not very clean floor. He asks 3000 whatevers (7,50 euro) for me to sleep on one of them. I thank him a lot and leave. On the way back to the city I see a big white Mitsubishi and a guy in an important looking uniform just about to drive away. I stop him and ask for a hotel – he tells me to follow him and then minutes later we stop in front of a hotel with inside parking for the bike, huge amazingly clean rooms, big bathrooms with BATHTUB (!!!) and wifi for the same price: 7,50 euro! I would love to stay here for longer but unfortunately the vehicle registration…. The guy at the reception is unbelievably friendly and smiling all the time – so is the waiter at the restaurant where I eat a little later. Mauritanien people are really friendly! You can see and feel immediately they are not that much wasted by tourism like Indian or Moroccan people are.