Sahara – Atlas

 N28°59’15” W010°03’27” – N29°23’ W010°10’25” – N30°28’05” W008°52’34” – N30°57’37” W008°14’50”

 Guelmim – Sidi Ifni – Taroudant – Qued Ifniss

3 days: 60km-230km-157km

Early in the morning Mike wakes me up one last time so we can have coffee together and say good bye. I have a lonely breakfast a few hours later and leave about lunchtime. The road to Sidi Ifni offers quite amazing curves compared to the straight roads until horizon of the sahara. On the way I take a coffee to arrive at Sidi Ifni early afternoon. The currents in the sea are amazing to watch from above for five or ten minutes… I decide to leave next morning heading towards Atlas mountains. I am not really in a riding mood that next day and tha road becomes boring and straight again too. In the evening of the second day I stop 60km before the beginning of the mountain road in Taroudant. A pretty and laid back desert town. Anyway I leave again next early morning, the road map on the gps temoting too much to taste this roads up there. The first break this third morning I make in a small village a few kilometers next to “my” road exactly where the mountains start. On the way back to the road I recognize a huge rock far in front of me at the road. It hasn’t been there 20 minutes ago and its still moving? No rock its one of the turtles living here crossing the street. I take some pictures and take racing position on the bike then. The curves to come are WUUUUHUUUUUUU!

In the evening I stop at an amazing place at a river in the mountains – birds are singing and the river does a nice sound too, trees are flowering and bees are humming, spring is here and the roads around are incredibly amazing… I decide to stay one or maybe two days.

Enjoy the pictures!