Jan 23 Shirpur – Pushkar

Km today: 700

[26°28´56”, 074°34´01.5”]

When I wake up before sunrise I have diarrhea – not nice! I don’t take breakfast and leave as soon as possible. The first 100km are done quickly on the perfect highway but then I have to take a shortcut to avoid a major detour. Road becomes a challenge but with diarrhea more a pain in the ass. What to do… Evening time I am still more than 300km away from Pushkar and I gets freezing cold. In chattigaur a car brakes very hard in front of me… I step very hard on the back brake forgetting it was all made new when the chain was changed, slip and fall. Knee protectors and helmet protect my body so I hardly have any scratch – only the drum skin is broken and one shock absorber is bend so the front wheel is not straight anymore. No major problem so I go on. It becomes colder and colder on the motorbike and I have to stop every 40km when I don’t feel my hands anymore. At 2 o clock I pass ajmer without recognizing because of a mess in the roadsign. I go 40km too far and leave the motorway much too late. On the way back there is a big constructionsite and as my light is not straight I miss the road once jumping in the middle of the constructionsite. I am lucky I don’t even fall… Slowly I have really enough of this nights ride as people seem to have sent me in a wrong direction on purpose twice too… Shortly after 3 o clock I arrive in Ajmer and 20 minutes later I am home in Pushkar. Sukha and all people are still awake as they have been waiting for me. Finally home. All of us have a lot to tell so we go to bed short before daylight is coming.