Jan 22. Solapur – Shirpur

Km today: 540

[24°35´09”, 074°44´44”]

Nothing really special today – an exhausting day on the road. I want to get close enough to Pushkar today so I will arrive tomorrow. Evening time I am again annoyed by too many drunk Indians. Probably because I stopped at two alcohol shops by mistake believing I get chai there. I pretend to speak neither any hindi nor english. Believing I don’t understand them people start joking about me because I am wearing a helmet when not even drinking…. Its late already and still there is no place that matches my criteria to sleep there – good chai and nice people. Very late – it is freezing cold already on the motorbike I find the perfect place. When I stop the chai wallah smiles at me asking “Ap kaise ho?” instead of the usual “Ap ka ha se hai?” (how are you instead of where are you from)! I already thought I was in a bad mood but it was just the stupid and impolite people everywhere. .. Suddenly I speak little hindi again. I get a place right at the fire to sit so I can defrost. A bed next to the bike and good food makes the place more than perfect! “No tension, Aramse(relax)!” people tell me!