Lahore – Islamabad


Km counter: 36285 today: 292 sum: 1169

N31°33’41” E074°19’07.5” – N33°42’17” E073°05’18”

Yesterday I spent a relaxed day at the regal internet inn – getting up (very) late and having Pizza delivered in the evening. Oday I wake up late again but no problem. It is less than 300km to Islamabad where I have to get the visa for Iran. The waiting time I plan to spend in the only 160km away frontier town Peshawar close to Khyber pass. I leave Lahore around 12.30 and the first thing I recognize when leaving is that the second mirror is missing. So now I am completely blind to the back. Bur I see many Ford Transit on the road that are even older than suryananada so I am full of hope to find a mechanic tomorrow who can solve the small problems I have at the moment. Like the tire I need and the mirrors…

When the sun sets I have only 30km to go to Islamabad so I stop at a chaishop the second time today. I searched for a shanty place for the first chai shop as I expected the people there to surround me and ask me the usual questions but the people here are much more polite than in india. It might be my new dress but they treat me just like one of them. I enjoy that a lot! Short after the chai shop the police stops me and wants to search my car for security reasons… We all know they are just being curious about me and so I have fun showing them my sleeping room and then I leave in the direction they told me to go. I only get lost once and soon find the camping area but nobody there but two police officers who stand on the highway in front of the gate. After talking to them and waiting for five minutes they ask me why I don’t just open the gate to go inside…. I didn’t recognize it hadn’t been locked so I drive inside and in the same moment the guard from the camping area comes. I check in and go to the market to get some food. Tomorrow embassy and mechanic!