Km counter: 36319 today: 26 sum: 1203

N31°06’21” E074°00’56”

A little exhausted by the day on the road I wake up late. Too late to go to the embassy but ok in time to go to the mechanic. I need a new tire in the right size, the valves adjusted, new backmirrors, a new handbreak and a new light for the cockpit. The first workshop cannot help even though I ve seen so many Ford Transits. At least they can call a shop where they seem to have the tire. I find the shop in the western city of Islamabad very easy and within a little more than an hour and only some confudion about what to do they fix a new tire for 72 euros. Perfect! For the other things I need they tell me to go to the city of Rawalpindi which is in fact the exotic part of Islamabad…. In fact its one city. Traffic in Rawalpindi is hell and after only a few shops I decide to go back to the camping area. At least I got the tire I kept searching in india for a year within less than 2 hours in Pakistan. Evening time I am lazy. I have seen the rose garden on the way back but no blossoms…. I quickly go to the market eat some streetfood and after fix my bed inside suryananda.