I recognize one difference between Indian and Pakistani people being that Pakistani talk less and do more… Next day morning Shahid picks me up at 10 o clock and we go to the mechanic. I get new mirrors and the valves adjusted within nearly no time. While the car is being repaired Shahid points at another building just opposite the street telling me the number of killed and injured people by the bomb blast there. My question when it happened he answered with “Two hours before we come”! Whenever I speak about THE market Shahid seems to be uncomfortable and tries to change the topic. On the second day I am successful and we got there for half an hour. It is truly incredible! Kalaschnikow 70 Euro, rocket launcher 200 euro…. I think about how a rocket launcher would look on the roof of suryananda but then dismiss the thought because it is too hard to install the electronic tor targeting in the cockpit…

People here are very friendly and I enjoy one or another chat with the so called Taliban. Peshawar is a really crazy town as there is a permanent traffic jam. The one road you have to use to go anywhere is the Great Trunk road which connects Kabul to Delhi. A few kilometer out of town the tribal area starts – in this area is the market and there is no police allowed (It would not be healthy for them). According to this the 4 lane street in Peshawar is controlled by roadblocks and military/police every 500m. They randomly search cars and are pretty tensioned. Shahid is very pleased that we plan to go to swat river for fishing tomorrow.

Unfortunately the next day is rainy and cold. Not the best conditions to go fishing but still we want to try. As we approach a beautiful river which offers some amazing spots I first recognize the loads of sediments the river is carrying because of the quickly rising water level. Seeks like it is raining in the mountains too so the water is cold and I don’t see any sign of fish activity. I’d pack my things and go home without even trying at an unknown river at home. Here I make a few casts but give up soon having the expected success. Not a sign of a fish. I remember the huge fish I have seen on the market which come from this river but alive I don’t see any. As rain is starting to become heavier we leave the place soon and go back to Peshawar. Tomorrow I will go back to Islamabad.