Peshawar – Islamabad


Km counter: 36681 today: 213 sum: 1565

N34°00’56” E071°34’56.6” – N33°42’17” E073°05’18”

Shahid wanted to say goodbye in the morning and lead me the way out of town. Today he is still sleeping so I wake him up by calling him and soon he comes. It is still raining a lot and by now the water level is not only rising in the rivers but on the land also. Pretty big and sometimes pretty deep lakes start to build up everywhere and its risky driving through one if you don’t know the depth. Anyway as soon as I am on the Highway the road is great and I am in Islamabad soon. On the way I recognize a problem with the car electricity as the music player doesn’t work. I have been parking in the shadow in Peshawar and it was rainy most of the time. Still, even though I had a room I was careless about the battery. However it should be charged by the car generator which was obviously not the case. In Islamabad I go to the camping ground and after some problems in getting electricity I charge the battery over night. At dusk I check the solarpanels and find one oxidized connection which I repaired. I feel there is electricity coming from the panels so the solar system seems to work. I relax and go to bed.