Golbaf – Desert


Km counter: 39715 today: 489 sum: 4597

N29°53’26” E058°43’45” – N31°16’05” E054°53’09”

At 8 a.m. a police officer knocks at my window asking me what I do here. “Sleeping” I reply, “I need petrol and no one was here”. We agree that I get petrol and disappear as soon as possible. I wake up at an elevation of 1700 above sea level and now climb up (again) to 2200m. The weather is bad, very cloudy so no power for the music at the moment and the light for to make pictures is bad too.

The road is up and down sometimes going up (or down) more than 500m within 4km. That’s an average of more than 12%! After 2200m we go down again to 1700, up to 2350 and down to 1650. One last hill to 1775 and then down to the Kaluts (check out the satellite pictures at the google maps link – its east of “B”) at 330m above sealevel. I plan to stay there for maybe one night to relax from all this escort shit but when I arrive there its around 35° and very humid because of the clouds. I thought I will get some food at the desert camp which is not the case and going back to the village for shopping seems not to be attractive. The place is nice but I liked the mountains better so I go back to the mountains and take the road to Kerman then.

We start at the Kaluts at 330m above sea level now. The wind is getting stronger and when we are on the road a sand storm is about to start. 50km later we are at an elevation of pretty exactly 1330m and it starts to rain. 75km away from the desert camp we are at 2500m and climbing, its raining cats and dogs. 80km away from the sandstorm in the Kaluts we are at the top of the pass road – 2690m and I see a snowstorm in the mountains above me! 80km, less than 3 hours driving and a sandstorm in the heat of the desert and then a snowstorm up in the mountains! Where else is this possible but in Iran? By the way I made some nice videos today (like every day) which I will put online as soon as I am home!

Suryananda is the hero of the day doing all this with no complaint! We go down to the central Iranian plateau at around 1700 and then go back on the highway direction Yazd/Esfahan. Its still raining and a stiff wind blows towards me making it impossible to go faster than 50. Even though its flat it feels like we go up a mountain. At sunset wind stops and for minutes I can see the sun. 2 hours later I stop at a petrol station and a restaurant at the highway. I get incredibly cheap food and go to bed. I miss spices! Tomorrow I will meet Farzad and Sara whom I met last year at their home near Esfahan. Relax!