Finland – Norway

Friday afternoon my finish friend Ursula arrives and at that moment all problems are solved. We get a car and head north. I haven’t seen any Auroras the last two nights as it was too cloudy so today we take the satellite picture and hunt the Auroras. Clear sky should approach the Norwegian coast north of us from the west, so we head straight direction north cape and turn left to Alta after reaching the first fjord. When leaving Alta around 11pm heading west we see the first star. In the next second we see many and even though the town we are still in is fully illuminated we see the Northern lights. I turn around as the hole in the clouds is not supposed to be very big and we leave town heading back east. In the night we cross the mountains driving 5km, watching until we freeze and drive a little further. The best show starts at dawn today and it seem like Aurora and sun are fighting. Its really spectaculars when the Aurora is burning 180˚ around the sky like a whip!   After taking a little nap in the car at the beach we continue to the north cape where Ursula insults a Sami native by asking why his reindeer are so small. The weather is amazing and we really enjoy our stay, the incredible landscape, breakfast outside in the sun (end of September at N71˚!) and loads of reindeer. By evening time we move back south to go further east next. But before we can turn left a charming guy stops us by offering a nice cabin for a reasonable price. We only took a nap in the car last night so we accept.   Geir, the host is a salmon fisher an a real amazing guy. When you are around its most recommended to make a stop for a coffee at his place and take a look at his traditional style built church and Viking house. The most clean river of Norway also runs aside his property at N70˚10’38.3” E024˚54’27.1”! MAP

I keep falling in love with the north more and more. Norway is great!