Aurora Borealis – the paragliding/geomagnetic storm video!


I finally did it! After travelling the north 4 times within the last 20 months and taking more than 20.000 pictures I was able to choose the 9000 best ones and create a time lapse! A short video of me flying the northern lights with my paraglider is also included at 1:30.

The story and some pictures of the flight you will find here.

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Soundtrack by Suduaya:
0:00 – Snow and Stars
8:30 – Scent of light

Must see:
1:30 – Northern lights Paragliding
12:25 – Geomagnetic storm at Oksfjord

0:00 – Ivalo, Finland
0:48 – Vadso, Norway
1:15 – Inari, Finland
1:22 – Sommaroy, Norway (cabin balcony)
1:26 – Abisko, Sweden
1:35 – Hilleroy, Norway
2:46 – Sommaroy, Norway (cabin balcony)
3:20 – Norskehavet, Norway
4:06 – Karesuvanto, Finland
5:25 – Sinetta (Rovaniemi), Finland
5:45 – (near) Tromso, Norway
6:40 – Langfjordbotn, Norway
8:28 – Jokelfjord, Norway
10:27 – Langfjord, Norway
12:25 – Oksfjord, Norway
13:41 – Langfjordbotn, Norway
14:48 – Langfjord, Norway
15:05 – Ivalo, Finland

Aurora Borealis – 11 hints 4 hunts


The northern lights are definitely one of the most beautifulincredibleamazing miracles this planet has to offer. There is no way to describe them by words, pictures, or movies! Luckily you neither need a lot of time nor a lot of money if you stick to my advice.

1. Don´t travel with Finnair.
2. Get a rental car with unlimited kilometers – book early to get a better price.
3. Get a simcard with a lot of GB – you will spend a lot of time far away from wifi.
4. You will need two websites. The more important one is – here you will find a cloud forecast with a high accuracy for the next 72 hours. Hunting northern lights means hunting blue sky – be ready to drive a lot. If the map shows white it does not necessarily mean there will be a thick cloud cover, sometimes its just a tiny little layer of damp in the air which does not reduce the visibility a lot. The second website is which gives you a forecast about sun activity with little accuracy for the next hour to come and no accuracy at all for the next three days. But still I recommend to get familiar with all graphs and numbers on their forecast site as it can give you some feeling what to expect. However if you found clear sky and no Aurora north of 67,5°N be patient! The Aurora will come, no matter what aurora-service says.
5. Take pictures, use a tripod, small f number, iso 1000-2000 (carefull with the noise) and exposure between one second and up to 1 minute. On the pictures you will see more colors and if the Aurora is weak and you haven’t seen it before the picture might show you where it is and what to look for. Its much better visible on a photography (when weak)!
6. Dusk and dawn take more than 3 hours each – this is the time to sleep! Don’t miss the amazing light of low sun during the daytime and keep hunting the aurora as soon as the nautical twilight ends!
7. Avoid light pollution – stay away from cities.
8. In my experience the best chances to get good weather are around Tromso, if you roam here for at least 5 days between October and early march you will definitely get a good chance.
9. Sleep in the car and take a room only when the weather is bad – this will be the case often enough and rooms are expensive! Look for cabins which are often the better deal.
10. Norway is up to 20°C warmer than Finland and Sweden due to the gulfstream. This is the difference between -5°C or -25°C at night.
10.5 (edit) Because of so many people asking – best time to see the Aurora is from september to march – summertime means 24 hours daylight, no northern lights!
11. Don’t travel with finnair!!

Good luck – enjoy the magic!


Hemningberg to Neiden – Barent sea

Driving, driving driving through an amazing landscape towards a sudden end at neiden. MAP

Stabbursnes to Hemningberg – infinite beauty & unlimited hospitality

Unfortunately the sky is covered with clouds in this night. We enjoy the night sleeping in beds instead of enjoying the show outside. Our cabin is very comfortable and the house rule “smoking strictly prohibited – in bed!” seems extremely sympathic to us. In the morning we enjoy a breakfast in the sun meeting some of norwegians leading socialist whom had a meeting at Geirs place. I make some music and its suddenly nearly lunchtime so we pack our things and check out. I go to the counter to pay for the cabin but Geir gives me an a little insulted look saying “Hey man, we are friends!”. He gives me a filet of self caught, cold smoked salmon for the way and we say good bye.

I hardly ever experienced so much hospitality like in norway. I can say out of the more than 45 countries I visited yet it is amongst the top three. Not only because of Geir and his friends but also because of many many small stories alike that happened in the last days. Did I already mention how much I start to love norway?

The road today takes us to the far east of norway which means as far east as Cairo! The weather is great and the autumn here shows incredible colors. At night we can enjoy an amazing Aurora and the following night we spend with barent sea view.

I know some of you reading this are probably waiting for the Kirkenes story where my life was seriously threatened. I am sorry for inconvenience but before publishing this story there will be another day of beauty and hospitality. MAP

Finland – Norway

Friday afternoon my finish friend Ursula arrives and at that moment all problems are solved. We get a car and head north. I haven’t seen any Auroras the last two nights as it was too cloudy so today we take the satellite picture and hunt the Auroras. Clear sky should approach the Norwegian coast north of us from the west, so we head straight direction north cape and turn left to Alta after reaching the first fjord. When leaving Alta around 11pm heading west we see the first star. In the next second we see many and even though the town we are still in is fully illuminated we see the Northern lights. I turn around as the hole in the clouds is not supposed to be very big and we leave town heading back east. In the night we cross the mountains driving 5km, watching until we freeze and drive a little further. The best show starts at dawn today and it seem like Aurora and sun are fighting. Its really spectaculars when the Aurora is burning 180˚ around the sky like a whip!   After taking a little nap in the car at the beach we continue to the north cape where Ursula insults a Sami native by asking why his reindeer are so small. The weather is amazing and we really enjoy our stay, the incredible landscape, breakfast outside in the sun (end of September at N71˚!) and loads of reindeer. By evening time we move back south to go further east next. But before we can turn left a charming guy stops us by offering a nice cabin for a reasonable price. We only took a nap in the car last night so we accept.   Geir, the host is a salmon fisher an a real amazing guy. When you are around its most recommended to make a stop for a coffee at his place and take a look at his traditional style built church and Viking house. The most clean river of Norway also runs aside his property at N70˚10’38.3” E024˚54’27.1”! MAP

I keep falling in love with the north more and more. Norway is great!

Austria to Ivalo / Finland

I realized in Iceland already I became Northern Lights addicted! So when back home I did what I could to get a cheap trip to the north again as soon as possible. And here I am, in Ivalo, Lappland, Finland. The first two nights being really amazing and the first two days being cloudy and rainy. But nevermind, tomorrow I will get an opportunity to move hopefully and I will head north as fast as possible. AURORA BOREALIS SINDHABAD!


One day in Berlin

Berlin reminded me more of Delhi than of vienna – shanti but poor and people are not able to handle poverty like in india. I see many eyes full of fear.

Geysir to airplane

Did it! And it really paid to insist on the window seat (left side) on the plane. I was able to see and take pictures of the Aurora AND the volcanoe eruption from the plane!

Faskrudsfjodur to the Geysir

Only one and a half days left in iceland, we still have more than 700km to go to Reikjavik and some of the most amazing places in between. I decide to drive to the Geysir the following night so we can take another look (at daylight) at it. It is not far away from Reykjavik too so it is a good place to start our last day. The way we took.

Most northern place to Faskrudsfjodur

After spending another night watching the northern lights we have only two more full days to go back to Reykjavik. We drive all day but still cant make that many km because of the beauty all around us. Enjoy the pictures!