Koh Chang

Looking for a room for a reasonable price I ended up at Independent Bo at the north end of white sand beach which is run by Scottish. Minimum stay which has to be paid in advance is 3 days there and the son of the owner has been in Austria before obviously not having very nice experience there. He did all he could to take revenge on me and make me feel like shit during my stay. Thai people are not welcome at their place and most of the people who stay there are drug addicts who drink, smoke and god knows what else starting as soon as they get up. In the evening when they are tilt you will have a hard time falling asleep because people are fighting loudly until late in the night around your hut.

The real nice, cheaper and better place is pens bungalows a little before them. I stood most of my time on the beach there as there are mostly very nice thai people running the place. Food is amazing there too and whenever even passing the place I got amazing smiles. I should have known when they told me about the 3 days minimum at independent Bo but I was just too tired and desperate for a bed. At town you can see lot of disgusting old white males with nice Thai girls walking hand in hand. The beach itself is really beautiful and I believe if you go there out of season and stay in another place than I did it can be really nice. If you happen to come around call the guys from pens (0819004993 or 0861513744) they will for sure pick u up at the bus stop and help you to carry your luggage down the beach. Co mpared to independent they really have amazing rooms and if there hadn’t been the minimum stay of 3 days (which is probably the only possible way to make people not run away after the first night) I would have moved there the first morning on the beach. Tomorrow I am leaving to Cambodia to enjoy Angkor Wat – one of the biggest shiva temples in the world. Foreigners really spoiled Thailand and I am so happy to have met “my” Bangkok family first when coming to Thailand so I experienced the amazing hospitality and kindness of Thailand before seeing what I saw here.