After an incredible exhausting journey including a 14 hour layover in Moscow I arrived in Bangkok yesterday morning. First thing I recognize is the people here who are extremely friendly helpful and hospitable! After trying to install internet settings (its hopeless) I take the train to town to search a place a friend recommended to stay – hopeless either. But nevermind I find some very nice people in a small riverside café who organize a guesthouse for me. The river is full of fish and I regret not having taken any fishing gear at all. The host picks me up and in the afternoon I get an amazing room in between temples with air condition, fridge and shower for a little more than 10 euro per night! I find a barber just around the corner who is not willing to shave my head but at least cutting the hair with machine so I look like shaved 3 days ago (head) and one day ago (face). Nice guy but the quality of his work…. Well. After that I take a moped taxi to find me a guitar and change some money. Guitar is found immediately money changing takes a little more time . When we come back to the music shop it is closed already but my driver doesn’t give up knocking and asking the neighbours so 10 minutes later I get an amazing 40 euro guitar and the driver gets a great tip (smiling from one ear to the other when I put the money in his hand). Being very tired I fall asleep at 9pm and sleep until 3:30 pm next day which is 9 in the morning where I have been 2 days ago. I make a little walk so see the surrounding area and again I recognize people here being extremely friendly helpful and hospitable. I told my host yesterday I only have coffee in the morning and as breakfast is included he offers dinner instead. His daughter who speaks a little English helps me with everything I need and after dinner (kinda brunch in my time setting) I get a great relaxing thai massage. My host even drove me to the massage shop and I walked back later. Thinking about visiting famous Khao sang road I am just too tired… Tomorrow I want to continue to Ayutthaya temple a little north of Bangkok! Changed my mind and went to Koh Chang. Just sitting at a beach restaurant surrounded by old german who have booze while smoking pre rolled joints and discussing problems from their workplaces at home while getting really done…. Where am I? The beach is full of luxury resorts for >100Euro per night with real white people lying in front of them getting backed. Glad I found the last hippie place on the beach which is a little cheaper but no rooms for less than 3 nights. Still I think about leaving sooner, I really can’t stand that atmosphere. Cambodia is just around the corner and my host recommended not to go there because there is only criminals there. I heard comments like this in places like this several times on my journeys and it always proved that places being advertised like this where the places I enjoyed a lot. Mostly people are afraid to lose the customers going there – but hey better criminals than this! Still the nature on the island is incredibly nice and the local people are so too. There are beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds and rare short tailed makaks. I start understanding all the prejustice about Falang people and get a big compliment by my Bangkok host as she tells me I am not like them at all. I would love to experience more of the loving Thai culture I have seen and felt in Bangkok but this is hard in a place like this where tourists start the day with cocktails and beer. However if you come round Bangkok and need a clean, hospitable and extremely nice place to stay contact Baan Tunyatorn Guesthouse and Coffee shop in Phetkasem 19 Road in Thonburi Bangkok. You can call 092-046-5568 or 083-832-2220 or visit their facebook at