Tara to Pokhara

Feb. 25

In the morning I enjoy the scenery but still leave early enough not to be in a hurry. The ford at the beginning of the valley is definitely deeper than two days ago and the bridge is blocked for motorcycles with a big rock. Happily two guys help me to lift the motorbike over the rock so no problem. I am really relieved to have passed that spot, get chai and petrol at the village and move on. Minutes after leaving the village I pass I ford I do not even remember. Without looking I ride through it and when reaching the other side I am wet again up to the knees and one of my shoes is full of water – what to do.

Anyway after the side road up the valley the road ford to Baglung (behind the ford) seems to be much better now than when riding it the other direction. Its pretty cloudy today so I skip the plan to go to Dhampus for the Himalaya view again. It will be cloudy anyway I think. In Baglung I make a stop at the cute little roof top restaurant and eat lunch. From now on the road is in a very good condition so I will do the way to Pokhara easily before sunset. I stop at the link to Dhampus at a chaishop. Used to the high prices for tourists around Pokhara I ask for the price before I order chai. The girl who is making cant stop laughing because she just did not expect me to talk hindi.

There is a tube with water too so I take the chance to clean the bike a little. When I am done I jump on the bike and ride the last 20km to Pokhara as fast as possible. Last time I have seen a guesthouse called “Harvest Moon” just around the corner of my old guesthouse. Only for the name I go directly there and as for a room and if they have hot water. Only one room left – the best one with the best view and really beautiful and clean. I take it and when I put down my things I recognize my camera bag is missing!

I jump on the bike again and go back to the last chaishop in high speed. When I arrive there the chai girl is laughing – I don’t know if she is still laughing or if she made a break when I was in Pokhara. Anyway the bag is still there, no problem. I pick it up and head back to Harvest Moon. When passing the reception I ask “Wifi password is Neil Young no?” and the owner replies “You have been here before?”. Now I cant stop laughing.

I go up to the room and being dirty as I am the first thing I do is turning on the hot water. When I step below it I burn myself properly and decide not to move an inch before the water gets cooler – which usually happens quiet quickly. 20 minutes later I cant see the walls of the shower anymore because of the steam. I wait ten more minutes before I turn of the hot water – certified never ending! I return the bike and go to bed feeling very clean and comfortable. Tomorrow I will try to go to Bardiya national park at the south west corner of Nepal. My visa will be finished soon and from there I can be at the border very quickly not to overstay the visa.