Pokhara to Bardiya

Feb. 26

When I wake up this morning the sky is covered with clouds and it rains. I am so happy to have returned the bike yesterday! As soon as the rain gets better I go to a travel agency to get the bus to Bardiya and Indian train ticket to continue my journey after crossing the border. First travel agency wants to send me directly to india – “Bardiya no possible”. I leave. Second travel agency – same. At the third travel agency the guy tells me tourist bus to Bardiya is not possible – local bus will leave either at 1pm or 1.30pm, both take 14 hours and the later one will take the comfortable highway – I take that one.

I enjoy what is left of the morning, check out of the most comfortable room (with the best shower) of this journey exactly at 12 and leave to the bus station a little later. On the bus I realize that the guy has sold me a ticket for the bus through the mountains…. The view is stunning but being seasick for the first time in my life I am not really able to enjoy or take pictures. I have to use my camera tripod to prevent the person in front of me from leaning back – which would definitely destroy my knees over one or another bumphole. I am glad we leave the mountains a little after sunset – when we do so we take a break for 5 minutes. The clutch is smoking really bad and the smell of a burning clutch made my sea sickness worse on the last km. I am happy I did not throw up but even though the road is much better now Its not possible to sleep.

Around 3 am the conductor tells me we are here and throws me out at a military checkpoint in the middle of the jungle. Well…. But the officer says hello and tells me to wait a minute as another guy is coming around the corner offering a ride to his lodge and chai. Well rather chai at the moment as it takes 1,5 hours for his friend to come and pick me up. Arriving at the guesthouse I drink another chai as the sound of the birds draws me out. The garden of the guesthouse is full of beautiful, hard to catch birds. I try my best until past 9am and either talk to a few other guests. Around 9.30 I fall asleep after being up for 26 hours including a crazy bus ride for 14 hours. Best sleep ever!