Out of the blue and into the black

Sorry, I was too busy travelling the last weeks to update the blog. I am now sitting in a Hostel near Abisko in northern Sweden. After being invited by dear friends in Amsterdam and northern Denmark the first day in Sweden was really crazy. I was really stupid too, should know better and am really glad and happy nothing worth happened. After crossing N60˚ (at night) the street became snowy and I was too tired and unfocused to switch on the 4WD. After a crazy guy overtook me way to fast I just put a small impulse on the stirring wheel and started spinning. Second later I was lying on the side of the car next to the street. Fortunately without a scratch myself, only catching a flu while waiting for somebody to pull me out. Fortunately some people stopped immediately and helped me out after they got rid of the people who had called the police. (Nobody injured, no road blocked, cold outside – the refused to come anyway). After being towed to the next mechanic I just have to wait 6 hours for them to open – the right moment to find out that the gas heating I got at Falle camping store in vienna does not work…. FUCK!

However, the damage on the car is not so bad and it will be done by next day evening. I get a room next to the train station and spend the afternoon in the oldest, beautifully kept in style, café in Sweden – no change for more than a hundred years ran by a south African lady. Anyway it seems to be hard sometimes to find Swedish people in Sweden and when I ask them about it they just tell me they got more than enough work here for everybody – I am impressed. In the afternoon I get a sim card for internet and less than 24h after the accident my cell phone stops working! What a day! On every journey there is a point when it can only get better. Guess I am exactly there now.

Next day afternoon I get back my car and in the morning after I leave. Never driving faster than 75km/h I go all the way to Kiruna (1200km) within 24 hours and just make it to the bed in the youth hostel there. Next night I spend outside to see the first Aurora of the year – amazing! And on the way back to town I see my first moose – out of the white in the middle of the street – the extra lights I installed before leaving just fully had paid!