Rain in the desert

Ali is happy that I am back. Even though his family had an eye on me and let me in the temple for free as well as gave me the chance to take the poppy flower picture at a prohibited location he was still concerned. I still don’t know if he is just a little over protective… the only place I was a little concerned at happened to be in front of a beautiful mosque which was full of people. Hussein just quickly picked up money there. At the temple there where only Arabic tourists except of one east Asian couple… It’s a real shame there are no tourists at such an amazing place.

Surprisingly the little Arabic I learned yet comes back very quickly as soon as I always here the language around. I learn more about this culture and become more accepted within Alis friends and family. The girls whom I hardly saw last time now sit with us, are having eye contact and even smiling at each other no problem. Opening the door in a Pyjama to let us in and then cook tea for us without getting properly dressed – no problem.

Another thing that changed is the close season. This time I hear birds singing in the morning instead of gunshots. All seems to be much more peaceful now and the only gunshots I hear this time are during a celebration Friday afternoon. Making party shooting in the air – no problems. And way less people with military guns than on Vienna airport for example. Still I wear a scarf and look rather like a Taliban than like a tourist whenever we go somewhere.

Monday afternoon takes Ismael (our Peshmerga friend (just joking)) and me to a huge roman pillar which is located in the middle of a field with the crops growing directly to the rock. Its an amazing view with the snowy mountains in the back ground. Ismael is a chef and has taken over the food supply, he grills amazing sea bass we got from the sea and we enjoy food in the kitchen while the storm whistle loudly around the upper storage of the 2 storage building in the middle of the fields.

Tuesday morning black clouds pull up in the valley and while we go to the village for shopping it finally starts to rain heavily. The fields are totally dried out by now so everybody is happy. We spend the day inside with the guys playing and me writing the blog and learning Arabic while joking with each other.

Being in contact with Alan and checking the weather forecasts I hope to be able to finally fly tomorrow – I really hope so as there is not much time left now.