Hvar 4


Get up at 4:30 to go for the sunrise on my beloved road. Its incredibly beautiful amazing! Then I go back to bed to sleep until noon! Today the shiatsu with Syama is planned and I hurry to get food at Gareta. I find out that Maria is a police officer of duty because of her small children. She tells me how fast she goes with her bike and how to avoid speed controls (if there could be people – there could be police! They never make speed checks out on open roads!). The Food is amazing like always and I hurry to check out a place for shiatsu. At the end I decide to do it right in front of Syamas accommodation near Stari Grad harbor. Shiatsu goes well and is fun – its an amazing place to work here in the nature!

By the way ALL shops were closed all day today for a religious holiday. They are opened even on Sundays (which is… when u r from Austria…. quiet unusual!).

After the shiatsu I enjoy the sunset in Stari Grad and for the first time since I am here I see the sun set in the sea. What a day!

I made a video of the morning ride again and like a proper new love I find out new beautiful aspects of her every day. Riding her is different every time and starting the day together with your love is probably one of the best things that can possibly happen to us…. Enjoy the porn:

Maria and Nicola

Shiatsu at Stari Grad