Hvar 4


Get up at 4:30 to go for the sunrise on my beloved road. Its incredibly beautiful amazing! Then I go back to bed to sleep until noon! Today the shiatsu with Syama is planned and I hurry to get food at Gareta. I find out that Maria is a police officer of duty because of her small children. She tells me how fast she goes with her bike and how to avoid speed controls (if there could be people – there could be police! They never make speed checks out on open roads!). The Food is amazing like always and I hurry to check out a place for shiatsu. At the end I decide to do it right in front of Syamas accommodation near Stari Grad harbor. Shiatsu goes well and is fun – its an amazing place to work here in the nature!

By the way ALL shops were closed all day today for a religious holiday. They are opened even on Sundays (which is… when u r from Austria…. quiet unusual!).

After the shiatsu I enjoy the sunset in Stari Grad and for the first time since I am here I see the sun set in the sea. What a day!

I made a video of the morning ride again and like a proper new love I find out new beautiful aspects of her every day. Riding her is different every time and starting the day together with your love is probably one of the best things that can possibly happen to us…. Enjoy the porn:

Maria and Nicola

Shiatsu at Stari Grad




November 2. Pisak (Croatia) – Petrovac (Montenegro) [N42°12,815 E018°55,673]

The first sunrise at the sea is as amazing as the first sunset the day before. First I drive to a little Marina to have coffee. Some people are already sitting outside. At seven o clock in the morning it is comfortably warm and when coming there I say loudly “dobar dan” to everybody before I sit down next to a guy who looks nice. Soon we start talking – I am impressed by his good english and he tells me that he is working on a charter boat when there is season. At the end I am invited for the coffee – again I am impressed by hospitality!

Soon after this amazing experience I discover the first temple next to the street. Even though it is still a Christian one I light some incense and make morning pooja there. A few kilometers after this I discover the first teastall alike at a wonderful viewpoint. I enjoy the awesome colors of autumn as much as the incredible view at the freshwater lakes the name of which I forgot. They are situated just a few kilometers before I pass the border to bosnia herzegovina – so if somebody could help me out with the name of the place I would be happy! I climb some rather dangerous rocks to get a better view of the place and suryananda. When I do so I discover nice caves all over the place that make me feel a little like climbing a small glacier. I am glad the temperature around 25° does not….

When I cross the border suryananda is checked for the first time. In the car the custom officer finds some incense I got from a Hare Krisna devotee in Zagreb. I am asking myself if this is making me suspisious when he is holding them in his hand much longer than all the other stuff… Then he says “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna…. You believe in this?” While I start to explain what I believe in he opens my bookshelf and finds Koran and Bhagavad gita. Now it turns out to be a pleasant religious discussion. If I remember right a friend of his sister is Krsna devotee too. 5 minutes later I am on the road again – in bosnia herzegovina now.

Hardly 20 minutes later I am passing the next border. Again I am stopped, again suryananda gets checked. I meet two nice guys from france there when their bus was checked too. They were going to Dubrovnik. All the best to you if you read this! Hope you enjoy! After all my medical supply is checked I can go on and arrive in Dubrovnik soon after. Petrol is nearly finished again so I am glad when I enter the city. Searching for Mc Wlan is without any success – seems like times of free internet two times a day while drinking coffee are over. I spend my last Kuna for petrol and head for the border to Montenegro. Third border today but this time no check. I gave a businesscard of mine to one of the officers before and he obviously had put it in the passport. Border control was just smiling “Yoga teacher?”, he said, “welcome to Montenegro!”

In Montenegro petrol is cheaper, currency is euro and the landscape is compared to Croatia…. Not nice. Coming back to Eurozone feels not at all like coming to a country with a better economy – all is cheaper, more dirty and many ugly buildings ruin the landscape….

Anyway people are amazing here. On a ferry I saw a german car so I started talking to them. I found out they are locals and as my navigation system is very poor already I was happy to find somebody to tell me the short way to Albanian border. The Wlan quest was still without solution….

At sunset I stopped at a hotel that seemed like too expensive to even look at it. Anyway I drove to the parking lot and went in as I was told by the car park keeper internet will be no problem inside. At the reception I am told that internet is 1€/15min. I accept, get the code and order coffee to enjoy highspeed internet in a beautiful sunset panorama view directly at the sea. One hour later I go back to the reception to pay for the internet which is refused. “You had your own computer – using the connection only is free”.

Thank you! Thank you for giving me this life, this possibilities to experience love, bliss, beauty, harmony, happiness,…..

Now we are at a small road close to the beach again where we spend the night. Tomorrow we will arrive in Albania – cheap petrol! Yeah!

Magic Bus The Who ( HQ sound )

updated last entry

Today I crossed 3 borders and now I am in Montenegro. All is well but possibilities to got to internet are hard to find now. The entry I did yesterday (Zagreb to Split) was updated so there are some stories of the last days to read. Tomorrow I will reach Albania. I do not know when I get Internet again so possible there will be a few days without entry and then a lot to read!

And here is some extra for now:

Zagreb – Split

Wow! Too much beauty! Yesterday I have been at Plitwicer Lakes with Anna. Very foggy there. The Lakes have the most pure and clear water I have ever seen. We arrived there late afternoon so we had not much time to sunset. Interesting though that there are very big and rather fat chub in the there. When I have seen the lakes I expected trout. Obviously the climate here is already much warmer. The waterfalls are amazing, especially the big one. There is a wonderful calm energy there and I am a little sad I couldn´t stay much longer. When we came back to the car about 3 hours later we recognized I had forgotten to turn off the light. I had already been afraid of this because I am used to cars that tell me when I do stupid things like this. But Suryananda doesn´t do anything like this – she is simply too polite. Lucky enough soon we found four people who helped us to start her by rolling. Thank you guys you are amazing! As Anna didn´t catch any car to hitchhike back to Zagreb we spend the night there making a little music and watching a movie (Outsourced – a great story about india). In the morning Anna took a bus back to Zagreb – I went on to the coast. Thank you Anna for the time we spent together – you are amazing! It was still very foggy. Petrol was also low and no petrol station in sight…. I was already afraid Suryananda will stop either in one of the tunnels or somewhere in the cold and humid fog. But then after the second tunnel the sea appeared – and the sun – and the warmth!
From now on I am driving on the coast on one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

Shortly after I was crying in happiness for the first time of my life – So much beauty is surrounding me – people on the roadside making Peace sign when I pass by. I have no words to describe my feelings right now. Pure bliss!
From Zadar I went on to Split and Jesenice. An awesome road on the coast. Many Islands, white rocks, purple flowering bushes and orange….oranges. And sun! 20°C even at night! Maybe I try to swim in the ocean tomorrow if the temperature of the water is ok. In the evening I have seen many people fishing so I am will maybe try tomorrow evening too. Now I am spending my first night on the coast. Right next to the road and I am a little curious if this will be ok. I asked a local couple who where just enjoying the view but they didn´t know. I think it will be ok.
Marija told me that people in Croatia are crazy for travel blogs so I will write a little advertising for the blog on the backwind window tomorrow morning. Today I did little more than 330km – not much considering that I was driving all day. But on roads like this I am just so much impressed by the beauty so I have to stop many many times. Tomorrow I will cross the border to Montenegro and I really hope petrol will be cheaper there. Here it is even more expensive than in Austria.
Today I watched an awesome sunset at the sea in split, now I am parking on a mountainside and I am looking forward to see my first sunrise at the sea tomorrow morning. It was very easy to find back to my traveling habits for the road. Early to bed and early to rise…..
Now it is not even eight o clock but all that happened today makes me already very tired. In the morning I found all my indian spices in the car and at Interspar in Zadar I even got coconut milk. What a pity I am way too tired to cook now. I am happy Marija gave me some awesome vegetable paste I can put on the dark bread (!) I got at Interspar.
In this place I want to say thank you to Marija, her sister and her sisters boyfriend sven again. I hardly ever experienced hospitality like this. I was told to feel like at home when I came and so I did from the very first moment. Words cannot describe what I experienced with and what I feel for the four of you! Thank you so much! All my best wishes to Gabriel who will arrive in just a few days. He is a son of the sun – I felt so much positive power and light when I touched him.

By the way comments are appreciated ;).


Villach to Zagreb

After a short stop at the border of slovenia (picture in the pervious posting) I went on to Laibach where I had a walk in the city and some Internet at a fastfood store. At the border to Croatia I took the wrong lane first (damn navigation system) and was in a row with all the trucks first. After I managed to find my way to the right lane the custom guys looked at my car, then at me, after at suryananda (my car) again…. “Where are you going?” they asked so I replied:”To india! look at all the visa in the passport!” Then they smiled gave my passport back to me and said “Nice, good luck for you!”