November 29 near Saveh – Baharestan [32°28´22.3“, 051°47´31.2“]

Km today: 382

I wake up at 11:30 and quickly have chai. I put some petrol in the back containers yesterday so I can drive all night even if no petrol station open and as I am pretty empty I want to put it in the tank. But when I go to the cockpit I see electric was switched on all night because I didn’t take of the key. A little shocked, believing battery will be empty I try to start. Suryananda starts pretty quickly so I don’t want to switch of again and hit the road without even leaving the car.

Petrol is getting less in the tank but petrolstation only 25 (do – panch km – there are many similarities with hindi) to go. Two km before the petrolstation the engine stops. I am hardly out of the car when a motorcyclist stops asking me if I need any help. Masaley nist I reply – no problem. I put the petrol in the tank and on we go. The road is still excellent but mostly used by truck drivers now. Im on the silk route which is a cargo street… Nearly one out of three trucks sound there horn to say hello and after wave hands and smile at me. I am in bliss.

About 200km before Esfahan (todays target) I see need petrol again and stop at a petrol station. “Benzin? Petrol? Diesel na!” I try to explain what I want but nobody understands. One moment later a proper dressed young guy stands next to the car ready to translate. While I get petrol we start talking and I tell him everything fine – but the engine. I find out he is from Esfahan area and soon he tells me where to go to find mechanics there. After paying for the petrol I move the car a little and stop again to have chai with Farzad and Sara.

They are just on the way home. They refuse my invitation for having chai at the shop by asking if I make chai in the car myself. My milk is finished so no possible. Within seconds they have everything needed for making coffee on the backside of their car. In the guidebook I read Persians are world champions in making picnic – seems like this is true! Minutes later they invite me to their home to have dinner. “I´d love to” I reply and Farzad writes down his exact address for me – in English and Persian (farsi).

Back on the road soon the sun sets so I decide to go directly to Farzad and Saras place and find mechanic tomorrow. When I approach Esfahan around 7 pm traffic is crazy. Engine stops as soon as my foot is not on the gas so it takes a lot of work to handle the traffic having two feet only. I have to go to a small city close by so I stop and ask for the way several times. Everybody is very friendly and helpful so I don’t get lost one time. When I come closer to their home, being in an area where probably no tourist has been before I get stopped two times and the drivers ask me where I want to go and offer help. When I am just around the corner and know the way already somebody is driving next to me waving hands and shouting at me… I stop and he immediately asks: “Are you lost?” So I tell him that I am not lost and all is well. “You had dinner already?” he continues asking….. What to do two invitations in one evening no possible – I can´t believe the hospitality in this country!

Minutes later I arrive at Farzad and Saras place. I have to make the guard understand where I want to go first but after two minutes Kia calls Farzad on his phone and Farzad appears. Their home is awesome. Its much nicer than any flat in Europe I have ever seen even though it´s European style in a way. All is just comfortable and before I can say much Farzad asks me if I want to take a shower…. YES! I think he read my thoughts. I have a long and very hot wonderful shower and after we enjoy dinner together. The first Persian food I really enjoy! Its amazing and tastes completely different than the restaurant stuff. It’s a little bit like Indian sabji and dhal with rice and chapati. Less spicy and with meat – and I love it! Everything possible in Persia! After food I want to go home to write blog and sleep in suryananda but when I say so Farzad and Sara seem to be very disappointed. I have to sleep at their place and I really sleep well this night!