November 30. Baharestan (Esfahan)

3 new posts today – not to miss any of them scroll down to November 28 – Internet is too slow for pictures in the moment – If I find a place to upload them you will be able to see some amazing pictures tomorrow!

Km today: approximately 50

At 7:30 in the morning Kia, the guard is already waiting to take me to the mechanic. It is raining today and freezing cold again. I think I am not lucky because of the rain but later that day Farzad tells me I am very lucky because people here appreciate rain. Its dessert and not Austria! It takes some time to find a mechanic. The only trademark which is not available in Iran seems to be Ford – I see workshops for Volkswagen, BMW, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Hyundai, Daewoo, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Mercedes, Kia, Landrover, Volvo, Opel, Madza, Mitsubishi,….. but for Ford you don´t even get spare parts in Iran. So if you want to travel with your car NEVER do with a Ford. I really love suryananda but Ford is crap – sorry I have to say so.

The first mechanic tells me repair no possible, maybe he can get spare parts from Dubai but this will take time. The next one tells me he can fix the problem but it will be a solution for some time only – he advices me to go to a Ford workshop either in Pakistan or in India so they can finally fix all. However after searching for a mechanic for more than two hours and already being afraid we have to wait for parts from Dubai I am happy. While the car is being fixed Kia drinks Chai and I write a little. In the meantime heavy snowfall starts. After the mechanic finished his work I change some money to pay and we get tire chains in case there will be snow on the road. (Much of Pakistan is pretty high mountains – Baharestan is around 1700 and people tell me on the way to Yazd I have to pass a mountain – in fact I feel like on a mountain all the time as I have hardly ever been below 1000 since coming to Kappadokia in Turkey!

To make suryananda happy we change motor and gear oil so I hope all will be fine for the way through Pakistan. When test driving suryananda really feels much better. I am hopeful to pass Pakistan without any more major problems about the engine. I buy a lot of vegetables for cooking Indian food and suddenly Farzad calls he will be with us in 20 minutes to show me Esfahan! Great! After an exhausting day at the workshop I will make some sightseeing in this amazing city. He shows me the most important places but like always I am more interested in the people than in the sight. I recognize the beauty of Persian girls and ask two times if I can take pictures (to show my friends no need to wear chador in Iran). They really are happy about me taking pictures – no problem at all!

Then Sara joins us and a guy from a carpet shop catches me. I can´t refuse his Invitation for chai and telling me a little about carpets. In fact we have a very open and interesting philosophical discussion and only very little is spoken about carpets. Its late already so we leave soon and on the way back to the car I see LOVE pillows (made in china) for the mirror in the car in a tourist shop. What to do this I simply have to buy even though the shopkeeper seeing my desire is nearly a little unfriendly. We drive back to Farzad and Saras place and as it is very late already we order pizza. I will cook for them tomorrow!

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  1. Man, I was so worried about you! No blogs in 2 days, in Iran while the protests against the Embassy have been going on! So glad to read your blog this morning!!!

    • No problem I didnt even know about the problems before reading my emails its just propaganda and little things happening in tehran – food for the newspapers but nothing to worry about…

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