December 12 Sukkur

YEAH I crossed the border a few hours ago so I am in Amritsar now. Blog for today and yesterday I still have to write so you will have to be patient. In the meantime here the 12. December in Sukkur:

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Yesterday I finally arrived in india. The city made me curious and I have to get some things so I decide to stay here one day. In the morning I have a talk with the police (I sleep at their headquarter) and they give me a police guide (he is police man and tourist guide) who shows me the city and comes with me all day. He shows me the irrigation system – a huge dam system which divides Hindus in 7 huge channels for irrigation of three million hectares in Sindh. Needless to say photography is strictly prohibited for security reason. Endemic river dolphins exist too in town my guide tells me – we are not lucky enough to spot any though.

I have a lot of chai (now finally with milk but without masala yet), samosa and pakistani sweets I take with me for the evening. Compared to Pakistan india is like the west in times of sowjetunion. Here there is a real poverty problem. Still everybody is smiling – at least the men, women I hardly see and if I see any most of them wear chador. Much more than in Iran even though here it is not by law.

Internet in the morning is annoying: connected, no connected, connected, no connected – I somehow manage to update the blog but then my guide is already back to pick me up. I am not allowed to make one step without him. Sukkur very danger he explains. Never mind he is a nice guy who really tries hard to make this day wonderful and he is successful! There is a temple in the Hindus on an island. We go there and when I ask him to take the boat to go there he says “no possible”. Now I am standing in front of the first hindu temple and am not allowed to go there! What to do…?

Chai is always a good solution for any problem so we go to get one. On the way I see a 4 liter water container with a tap. Perfect for suryananda! Much more comfortable for nearly everything I need water for. In the evening he goes home to eat and at 8 he is back at suryananda so I can go to the barber and get something to eat. I pick up a few samosas again and enjoy them at home.

One more decision I make – tomorrow I try to be from Hungary, I am sick of the „no kangaroos“discussion! About Pakistan I have to say I am very surprised in a positive way! Since now all people I met were to some extend afraid of, if not hating their neighbors’ not so Pakistan people even though they are in war with india! „Pakistan & India same same“, I hear many times. People see me on the street and without knowing they call me by my name – „Hariom!“ I enjoy. (One of the records I listen to is Madonnas like a prayer. The first words of the lyrics are: „Life is a mystery everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name and it feels like home – When you call my name it´s like a little prayer…..”)

Coming closer to india feels like coming home. I have been in Amritsar just a few months ago and know exactly where to go. I can´t wait to see the people there again! Its only 50 km to india, a few hundred to pushkar but still I have to drive nearly 900km to cross the border only. War bahout baggle hai – too much stupid is!