December 16 Tal Chhapar – Sukha Place (Pushkar)

[26°28´56”, 074°34´01.5”]

Km today:311

I can´t wait to arrive in Pushkar so I start without even leaving the car. A few kilometers down the road I see an awesome temple next to the road. I fall back to old habits immediately and make morning pooja there. The priest welcome me and give me prassat. Its incredibly sweet but its holy so I enjoy. At a railway crossing I have to stop and use the time (about an hour) to refill the tank with the petrol containers and make some chai. Driving is still a little exhausting as I share the street with goats, camels, donkeys, cows and so on, at least the quality of the street is great so I can go pretty fast. I enjoy being home in Rajasthan – love this dessert country full of colors and great smell! 60km before pushkar I decide to take a shortcut as I don’t like to drive through ajmer if I can avoid it. Street becomes little worse but much more beautiful. I enjoy the landscape even though the last kilometers take ages to pass.

Finally I arrive in Pushkar around lunchtime. I stop in front of enigma café to start saying hello to my friends. For some of them it is completely surprising but most already expected me. I have chai at enigma rooftop and take a nice shower only minutes after. A walk through the market to say hello to everybody takes all afternoon and everybody is happy to see me again as much as I am happy to be back. Menash has a kali painting I get as welcome present – I am blessed! Thank you again Menash! In the evening I decide to take the way through the market with suryananda as Max suggests. Streets are very narrow but now everybody knows I am here after this parade!

At sunset I arrive at Sukha place and can hardly recognize it! This place has changed to become even more like paradise! I got an own toilet and wifi at my hut! We have broadband internet and everything is green like in the middle of the jungle! I love what Sukha has done here in the last months! Unfortunately I break the screen of my computer when unpacking it so no internet at the hut the first evening. Sukha says no problem and 2 hours later a friend of him comes to pick up the computer. He goes to jaipur tomorrow so no problem. I have amazing food and go to bed in my old hut again. It really feels like home – even the birds are still here and have raised a little family by now. I am happy I have my mosquito net to protect my sleeping place from their excrements :).

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