December 17 – 22 Pushkar

I enjoy too much! I realize more and more every day how much I feel at home here. I am back to my old habits: In early morning, after yoga I buy roses and take a walk at the market to give one to all the people who cross my way…. “HariOm!” This where my name is coming from. All people smile with me and this walk takes hours in the first days because of so much chai I have to drink. I see in the peoples faces how happy they are I am back. An awesome feeling!

On one of the first days I meet Barbara and Doro – two beautiful girls from Switzerland at the barber and we make sightseeing tour on the next day. Goamuk temple, monkey feeding, old pushkar lake, Bednad temple – all my favourite places. We all enjoy a lot and promise so stay in contact.

I have lot of fun riding Om tat sat and cant wait to go to Gokarna. It is getting colder in Pushkar morning time is like freezing at below ten degrees. Ansu did Yoga Teacher training too so we do Yoga together in the evening at sunset ghat. We decide to make free Yoga classes again, if possible at the temple so I make nice template. Tomorrow I will go to Ajmer to print it. Yoga classes at old ranji temple are something really special and I can hardly describe the energy I receive when practicing there. Every year I experience something very special there so I can´t wait to enjoy this again.

When sitting in front of enigma café today suddenly a girl from france stopped her enfield in front of us. I know her from spring as we wanted to go north together then. For some reason it did not happen. She plans to go south now too so we decide to meet in the evening to have food together and talk about maybe going to Gokarna together.

At Sukha place everything is nearly too much loving to be true….: A few days ago I come to the kitchen and Saura ask me how I am. Smilingly I reply I am hungry. Saura makes a sad face and says:”Why like this my friend? You make me really sad when you say you are hungry! I am here 24 hours to cook for you so no need to be hungry! Next time please tell me BEFORE you are hungry – ok?”

Leaving Pushkar is planed for December 25. Sukha has planned big Christmas party so it is not possible to go earlier and I have to be back at jan 19. As many people want to celebrate my birthday together with me…!