Dec. 31. – Jan. 1. Belekan Beach

The guys from Bengalore wake me up just an hour before midnight so we can celebrate new year together. Cell phone connection is nearly not existent so I need a lot of time to call my mother at least. We make fire on the beach listen to music played on their cellphones and enjoy. I eat a lot and around 5 o clock I fall asleep again.

Next day I wake up at sunrise but turn around again to continue sleeping. At 10 o clock I finally wake up. I take a shower and find out Prakash has the best hot water system I have ever seen in india! There is nearly not enough cold water to mix a comfortable temperature…. Inside the bathroom there is a 15l clay pot to take out hot water. The downside of the pot is outside the house and there is a place to make fire below. The amazing point is the more water I take out the faster the remaining water gets really hot. I take never ending hot shower!

After this I have chai and start the new year doing yoga. I recognized the assna that will help me with my desire problems. I was much better performing them before I left home – now they cause a lot of pain but practicing them a lot makes me feel much more happy and be in a much better mood then in than in some of the days before. When I am finished prassat says he wants to make pooja on a nearby hill for a lingam and a nandi he has found when digging in his garden. We climb up the hill what is pretty exhausting because of the heat and make an awesome ceremony. I regret several times not to have taken the camera. Three of the guys from Bengalore, Prakash and his children are with us too. When the ceremony is done we enjoy the view a little more and then go down to the beach to have breakfast. Chapati and amazing chutney Prakashs wife makes. When helping to clean dishes after breakfast I find a puppy chained next to prakashs familys front door. I ask and then take it to our “living room”. The guys from bengalore give him the name “charraz” – crazy guys! This morning was a perfect start in the new year.

Later I find out the neighbor beach is infamous paradise beach. There is no road there but about 20 minutes walk. Many people from there come today and have food at my guesthouse. Lots of them are strange hippies. I join them for five minutes then I am sick of their “It would be so nice if….. and what could happen when….” Discussion and leave to my hut which is free by now. I recognize a few ants under my backpack but don’t think about it anymore. After doing some writing I decide to go to Gokarna. I want to update my blog and get some money at the ATM. I have tea with they guys from Bengalore and we say goodbye. Maybe they come to Pushkar for holi! This would be really awesome – I like them! At the first ATM the connection times out two times after I have entered the amount of money I want. At the second ATM it says my daily limit is reached…. I go to Internet café and find a possibility to connect my laptop quickly. Again I see many crazy looking tourists in town. I decide to leave to Kerala soon. When I come back to Belekan beach I call my mother and ask her to call the bank tomorrow to check if there was no money taken from my account. I have food and after playing a little with Charraz (the puppy dog) I go to bed. My hut is full of ants of all sizes. They bite me many times before I can remove all my stuff – I decide to sleep outside on the terrace again.