Jan. 6 Belekan beach – Paradise beach

[14°31´62”, 074°20´10”]

Km today +/- 100 by bike +/- 1 by walk

In the morning we have nice Yogasession at the beach and while we are still practicing Deer and Isabella coming with a girl from Poland to visit the jog falls. Soon after Yoga we hit the road to be back in the evening. We lose deer and his friend at the first diversion where we go left and he goes right. Both roads lead to the highway so even when searching we don’t find each other again. Never mind – we will meet them latest at jog falls, we think and go on. After about 20 km the engine stops but starts again. We go on and have chai in the next small town. After chai the bike starts without any problem so we go on. 7km after the town the engine stops again and we stop at the roadside.

After only a few minutes to Indian guys pass by on the motorbike and stop for us. They know mechanic who can come but before we try to start again. Engine starts! YEAH! Our helpful friends drive in front of us leading us to the mechanic. We have chai there again and wait for the mechanic. After some time we decide to get some food and make a walk of a few hundred meters to eat something. Crossing a bridge we find a nice roadside restaurant where Ghana masala is served! YEAH! My favourite! We enjoy great food and when we finished we see the guy who took us to the mechanic waiting outside. He says the bike is rready and takes us – one by one because of the police on the bridge – back to the mechanic. Engine is better but it is late already so we decide to go back to Gokarn. The engine has not been really fixed so we go to Gokarn city to the mechanic when coming back and to buy food in there. After leaving the mechanic we go a few hundred meters further before the engine stops again. We go shopping and hope a little later it will start again. We buy some amazing local made peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, sweets and all we need at paradise beach. When coming back to the bike the engine does not start so we push it back up the hill to the mechanic. He fixes a new spark plug and for local rides it will be ok now. The spare parts are ordered so the bike will be perfect in a few days.

We ride back to Belekan beach, have chai thee and I pack my stuff. I found out in the morning there are not only ants in my hut (where I never slept) but also some animals that eat my clothes. I take all out of the hut and pack the things I need for the night to take with me to paradise. The rest I leave at Prakashs house where he takes care of it. I cant go to paradise by bike as there is no road so I will split up my stuff and only move the most important things like insulin and yoga mat to paradise.

When we leave Prakash place it is already completely dark. Dihr and his friend we haven’t seen yet and wonder what had happened to them. At paradise we meet david and some Israeli guys and have a nice evening enjoying peanut butter sandwiches, chai, grapes (awesome) and cookies. Soon I go to sleep to be ready for morning yoga tomorrow as I have to do half an hour walk to get back to belekan where my student olga will be waiting for me. When going to bed Isabella is very kind offering me hang mat, a soft mat to sleep on and a pillow. I took yoga mat and blanket with me but appreciate her kindness a lot. Thank you for this awesome day!

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