Jan 7. Paradise beach

Waking up at the hippiebeach is great. All stand up early and somebody is making chai so we all have chai together before I have to walk to Belekan to make Yoga lessen. After lesson I have my usual very hot shower and nice breakfast. After I go to Gokarna to get shaved and go to internet. I am supposed to meet Isabella here but my phone doesn’t work. Some problem with the simcard I will not be able to solve before coming back to pushkar. But who needs phone anyway at a lonely beach.

I spend some time in Gokarna so I might meet Isabella by luck. Eating Ghana masala at a restaurant at main square but for tourists the serve only Ghana – the masala I have to order extra – never mind the papaya lassi after food is awesome. I drive back to Belekan and meet Isabella at paradise guesthouse. She left gokarna same time like me but by bus. We put our valueables at my hut and go back to paradise. Coming there we are both completely wet by sweat again. I put my things somewhere at our place and go to take some pictures. 10 minutes later I come back to find the others sitting on the rocks with a guitarlele making music.

Here the sun sets in the sea so we stay until it is completely dark singing and enjoying ourselves. The sunset is incredible and I take many pictures. Isabella tells that she just came from Om Beach. I am happy I did not go there as she tells she left because she couldn’t sleep when all people shouting boom bolenath all the time… Later we go back to the camp to have some peanut butter sandwiches with grapes and jam the others cooked today. Amazing food!