Jan 19 Hampi

Alarm wakes me up at 5.30 today. I quickly have chai and then drive to a nice hill for watching sunset. The couple from Switzerland doesn’t appear but there are many people I can ask to take pictures. It’s a little stress doing yoga because all is full of monkeys and I have to be careful all the time so they don’t steal my bag. Anyway yoga session is great and the sunrise awesome. I go back to have a full load of breakfast opposite my guesthouse (neverending muesli, veg sandwich and chocolate banana pancake – a perfect birthday breakfast). I am so full I can hardly move so I go to the rooftop to take a little rest. Within minutes I fall asleep and wake up not before afternoon.

After waking up I go Mango tree restaurant – its amazing river view there and I get some coffee and papaya salad to wake me up. Yesterday after the jam session I promised to visit the music shop so I make a stop there on the way back. Gali has a guitarlele at his shop and I cant control my desire. I show him circular breathing technique for didgeridoo and get it for a good price. During my negotiation my mother calls to tell me happy birthday. She is pretty nervous because she will come to visit me in 2 weeks and I try to calm her down. The guitarlele is my birthday present she says when I tell her about it. YEAH! Awesome birthday present. Gali invites me for jam session at durga restaurant in the evening. I come little late as I cant stop playing the guitarlele at the rooftop…. At durga restaurant we make amazing birthday party with a big variety of instruments, great musicians and an even better audience. I enjoy a lot.