Jan 18 Hampi

Sleeping long this morning I am too late for doing yoga. We quickly clean the room to check out and after sit on the rooftop with mogli and his father. I enjoy Chai and pay our bill while Adam goes downstairs. Later I only find a note at my luggage he went to the other side and will meet me there later. Mogli offered to me to sleep on their rooftop for free – of course I accept. In a way I am happy Adam disappeared so quickly. I go internet and after I have breakfast next I drive to hospet to a bullet wallah. On the way there which is 12km I take more hitchhikers with me than on all the way from Europe to india and all of them are very happy and say thank you many times. It is just an adjustment problem so its fixed quick and cheaply. I buy one more spark plug just in case and a new helmet. The old one has so many scratches that its impossible to see something at night. When I go back the engine sounds amazing again – I simply love this sound and now I am fully confident there will be no more problem for now.

When coming back to Hampi I take a little rest at the rooftop and finish my Chetan Bhagat book. After I go to the barber at the river. Its an amazing place for getting shaved. He asks 150 rupees for full shave which is more than twice as much as normal. I start bargaining in hindi and he is surprised enough to tell me I can pay whatever I like. I ask a couple from Switzerland to take some pictures and I am lucky she takes pictures like a professional – they are astonishing. I invite them for chai at our rooftop and after we have dinner together. We get food just in time so I can go to temple 10 minutes before closing to make bahjan again. I love this place and singing there in the evening. On the way back to the restaurant I hear some drums. I follow the sound and seconds later I see a couple of people making music. Several didgeridoos are lying on the floor so I just grab one of them and join in. We make some music together and then I go back to the restaurant. Mogli is there too and when I ask him for a book shop he introduces me to the owner of the book shop just around the corner who is at the restaurant too. He has Chetan Bhagat so I get a new book and give back the one I finished today – YEAH!

The couple from Switzerland wants to do yoga tomorrow so I make appointment for 6.30 at the rocks. I am curios if they will really come at that time of the day but I am happy for there might be somebody who will take awesome pictures at an amazing place.