Jan 21 Hampi – Solapur

Km today: 285

[17°24´24.5”, 075°50´43”]

I force I (just learning redemption song on guitar) to stand up early to meet Etienne at sunrise hill in Hampi to make yoga. The 2 australian guys are still sleeping – never mind I will make yoga with them later. When I arrive at the hill Etienne is already waiting for me. We quickly take the 800 steps to the hilltop and enjoy an amazing yogasession at this beautiful place while many tourists take pictures of us. Very relaxed we go down after and ride back to the hampi maze – it takes me always a few days to find my way here even though the village is really tiny! We have big breakfast at Tom and Jerry while the Australian guys wake up. I ask Mogli to tell them I wait for them at T&J.Meanwhile Etienne figures out a few more songs for me to learn to play on the guitar – I will have a lot to practice in the days to come. After breakfast we go back to my guesthouse to take some pictures of the two of us. Mogli tells me girls had been here to pick up the yoga guys – he told them I am waiting but they just went away without even telling me even though I was sitting less than 50m away. I believe their desire, attachment and expectation is probably just too much to start yoga yet. What to do?

In the last days I discovered a feeling of homesickness so I pack my stuff and leave direction home – Pushkar! I say goodbye to all the nice people I met here and leave Hampi around lunchtime. When I leave a guy stops me asking if I come or go. I tell him I don’t need or want any room, opium and charraz and smile. He replies his friend is enfield mechanic – why not 4 days ago? But at the moment all seems to be fine so I drive on. My Baby is great and sounds awesome! (Etienne told me he had heard me coming at the moment I started the engine at the guesthouse – I love).
When I come to Hospet (12km after Hampi) I am suddenly in neutral gear and not able to put a gear in. Fortunately I stop 100m before a mechanic. When I stop I notice the chain is broken… The backside gearwheel looks very bad too. The mechanic wallah fixes the chain and suggest to visit an enfield workshop to cange chain and gearwheel – Fortunately I know already where to go. It takes about two hours until Omtatsat is fixed and I spend the time making a walk, drinking chai and eating pakoda at street shops. Late afternoon we hit the road – two km further the foot handle breaks! I turn around and go back to the mechanic. He is smiling and tells me my own thoughts: ”Seems like you are not supposed to leave”. He is right, today Kali is working for me again… I already think about going back to hampi but the Capricorn in me is stronger.

At sunset Hospet lies 40km behind me. The streets are good and I bought a new helmet with a clear view so I don’t mind a nightride.
A lot of chai helps me to keep riding even though there are drunk guys bothering me at every chaishop. When I stop around midnight in Bijapur I feel like in Pakistan. As soon as I stop I am surrounded by police… At midnight the shops close and the police is waiting for me to repack the bike and leave (its coming cold). When I ask them whats the problem they tell me its dangerous area – pick pockets! I smile secretly and hurry up to move on. Some time later suddenly the speedometer doesn’t work anymore. I stop at the roadside to repair it. Before I can finish a car stops in front of me. Probably someone who wants to help, I think and quickly finish repairing. Suddenly they sound their horn and I notice the red flashlight on the car – police again: Where are you from – Austria, Where you come from now? Hampi, Where do you go? Solapur, Are you alone? Shiva always with me. What you have on your bike? My luggage(??), can we see your passport, are you married and so on…..
I explain I already fixed the problem I had and as soon as I have answered their never ending questions I drive on. Its already 2am so I stop at the next chaishop to take a little nap.