Km counter: 38056 today: 0 sum: 2940

N30°12’02” E067°01’25”

As I already expected I cannot get the NOC before Monday. What I did not expect I am not able to move free in Quetta. As I find out until the evening I cannot even move free inside the parking area of the police which is surrounded by a big wall and full of cars. I am more or less prisoner inside the car. Internet does not work anymore and I am not even allowed to go to the opposite side of the street to get a chai. Not funny. And even worse all day people coming and knocking at suryanandas windows making me feel like an animal in a zoo. And in fact that’s what I am! All the police is coming to take a look at me until I start taking pictures of the people looking inside and fix a note outside. At sunset of the first day I climb on suryanandas roof top to enjoy but seconds later a stupid idiot calls me down – this is not allowed because I see the officers house! But its no fuckin problem you pressing your noses at my sleeping room window? Fuck off I think, climb down and lock inside the car. The second day I make an attempt to get a chai in the morning but no way. The surrounding area is extremely beautiful, the people outside extremely hospitable in the few moments I have the chance to get a contact to them.

I have a flat tire again too but luckily its only the valve that is damaged so no problem. The “jack” the cops use for my car is very clever. Nice idea! Second day in the evening I get internet for a few minutes just to find out my homepage is still offline. I decide to get some phone balance and call my webmaster tomorrow. In the evening I can put suryananda on a more peaceful place at the parking area. I still hope to leave next day morning. Everyone keeps saying NOC takes only “five minutes”…. Why am I still believing this bullshit?

Next day morning we (I always have my heavily armed guard next to me – even though I promised many times not to harm anybody…) go to the ministry that issues the NOC. In the first office I apply for the NOC and as soon as I hand over the papers all people leave the office. I wait for 20 minutes and then I ask my guard what we are waiting for. “They are on strike”, he replies, “they will be back after 45 minutes”. Needless to say that they come back more than two hours later. All in all it takes more than 5 hours waiting (instead of “five minutes”) to get a stupid paper that provides “foolproof security on the way” for an Australian citizen with my name. Not that I didn’t give them my passport or didn’t explain 100 times where I am from. However, tomorrow morning at 7 o clock I will leave Quetta after three days on the police carpark.