Quetta – Dalbandin


Km counter: 38387 today: 331 sum: 3271

N30°12’02” E067°01’25” – N28°53’13” E064°24’20”

My escort comes early and so we leave Quetta well before 8 o clock. I take some Petrol to easily reach Dalbandin but not much further because I expect it to become cheaper on the way. Escort is following me and by chance I find the right way out of town. Around 50km out of town the gas wire breaks. The police guys suggest to tow the car back to Quetta. I suggest to call a mechanic to come with a piece of wire. I end up fixing a rope at the carburetor pulling the rope instead of stepping on the gas. The more I pull, the faster we go and the rope comes in at the side window. Somehow it feels more like riding a horse than driving a car but I make the 15km to the next village where I get a warm welcome, free chai and a new wire. Of course I make some music for the people too and we all enjoy.

The day goes by with the escort keeping me in a hurry and trying to avoid me making any contact with local people. Rather more than less successful this time unfortunately. Some of the guys are nice some are real idiots sitting next to me and annoying me for many kilometers. The solar panels still don’t charge even though I find the fuse that is finished so I don’t even have music all day. In the evening I find out the charger is done and connect the solar panels directly to the battery. Seems to work! A day full of challenges for the mechanic inside of me. I arrive in Dalbandin at afternoon being locked in a police station again. People here really seem to panic because of the two Czech girls that were being kidnapped two weeks ago here. The landscape is mindblowingly amazing all day. Driving this land is like meditation only interrupted by the checkpoints.