Nouakchott – Rosso


N18°13’08” W016°02’10” – N16°30’32” W015°47’53”

Feb 4.

Km today: 250

Yesterday at night another rally from Budapest arrived. Paris Dakar seems to be more like a highway than an adventure…  I think about joining them to cross the border easier in a bulk but I still have to change money and get a second vaccination. So better to have all I need right than go early morning with the guys…

Today I wake up around nine. I want to go to Nouakchott for vaccination and changing money before packing my stuff as I am not sure if the vaccination will be ok. I have to give them my vaccination card to stamp it today and 1 euro seems to be cheap for yellow fever AND meningitis. However all works out fine and I am back at les sultanes camping at 11 already. I pack my stuff and ask Nicolas for the bill. Everything seems to take ages. I had a lot of fun with Nico and the guys so I am curious about the bill and I get a really nice friendship price! A little more than 60 euros for 6 nights and a lot of food and drinks!

Thank you Nicolas, I really enjoyed that amazing tent at the beach in this beautiful surrounding!

The coordinates of the camping are the ones where I start today, you can easily find this place by turning right at the first police checkpoint about 12km before Nouakchott when coming from the north.

Again I have to cross Nouakchott and a little later I am in the desert again. But wait… there are huts nearly all along the street and 50km after Nouakchott there are solitary trees every now and then. Trees get more and more as I go on but still there are dunes all around. It’s a really amazing landscape and I take a rest under a tree every now and then. I really feel happy about them as I haven’t had the shadow of a tree since I left Essaouira! I want to cross the border to Senegal at Diamma but today its too late already so I head for the big border crossing at Rosso which is well known for its hazzles.

A little before the turn to Diamma I see two motorbikes park in the shadow of a tree and a guy fixing one of them. I stop and ask if I can help but they are fine. As I find out they are from finland on their way around the planet. I wish them good luck and go on. I arrive at Rosso a little before sunset, the choice of hotels is extremely small so I am forced to take a pretty expensive one… At least I can negotiate and pay 16 euro instead of 30 and I have a shower with very hot water in the room. The bike has a real clean place just outside the room so its ok. Tomorrow morning I will take 100km of piste to Diamma right through a National Park where I hope to see some animals and then cross to Senegal at lunch time.