Geomagnetic storm over Oksfjord! (KP7 at 70˚N)

I will make it short – you want to see the pictures. I had an extremely exhausting journey from vienna via ivalo to Alta. A little later I found the only place to get coffee since 45km after spending a night in the car. A charming young lady not only makes the best coffee since I left home but also is very hospitable and offers me a place to sleep. Far away from everywhere directly at the fjord in Langfjordbotn. Love it!

First night provides some Aurora in the evening but most of the night I keep watching the clear sky without any display. Next night a geomagnetic storm is predicted as well as dense cloud coverage. Clouds stay until the evening but when I go out to check around 19:30 the sky is almost clear and KP Level at 6 (rising up to 7 during the evening)!!!

Enjoy the pictures!