Langfjordbotn to Ivalo

After the geomagnetic storm I dont expect much. Surprisingly the Auroras are still amazingly beautiful to me in the nights to come. The ride to Ivalo is much relaxter than the one the other direction and I enjoy driving through the beautiful scenery a lot! Unfortunately I dont find any of my hosts when leaving so I hide the money in the cabin and write an email – what else to do. I get an Email from Tore later that he is in Oslo that day….

Arriving in Ivalo I meet Miro again and get invited to some of his incredibly amazing indian food. I miss india! After food I spend the night in the car again watching amazing Displays between Ivalo and Inari. Next day I get an amazing cabin in the woods including kitchen, sauna and loneliness. 3 more nights but weather forecast seems to be bad. Maybe one last chance to watch the Aurora in the last night but also possible these will be the last pictures now…. Enjoy!

Geomagnetic storm over Oksfjord! (KP7 at 70˚N)

I will make it short – you want to see the pictures. I had an extremely exhausting journey from vienna via ivalo to Alta. A little later I found the only place to get coffee since 45km after spending a night in the car. A charming young lady not only makes the best coffee since I left home but also is very hospitable and offers me a place to sleep. Far away from everywhere directly at the fjord in Langfjordbotn. Love it!

First night provides some Aurora in the evening but most of the night I keep watching the clear sky without any display. Next night a geomagnetic storm is predicted as well as dense cloud coverage. Clouds stay until the evening but when I go out to check around 19:30 the sky is almost clear and KP Level at 6 (rising up to 7 during the evening)!!!

Enjoy the pictures!