Jan 8. Paradise

Today in the morning I start silent satsang – and from the first moment I enjoy! After waking up I clean the dishes and enjoy the morning view at the toilet. At the beach … who was playing guitar yesterday is making a beautiful yoga session. I enjoy watching her for a few seconds and then I go – I am a little late already as I have yoga class in belekan in the morning. In Belekan I make a wonderful yoga session with Olga again and have a hot shower and breakfast before I go to Gokarna shopping and Internet. I made little video yesterday and load it up today. While the computer is at the internet café I go shopping: flowers, bread, local made peanut butter, local made peanut butter with chocolate, milk, hide and seek cookies and grapes (YEAH!). Back in Belekan I find out the plastic bag is broken so I lost the cookies and the peanut butter on the road.

I don’t lose any time at belekan and quickly leave back to paradise. On the way I find out I forgot the grapes at the motorbike…. I am too far already to turn around – I will get them tomorrow. Arriving at paradise I meet Nora and … at the chai shop. When they recognize I don’t talk they immediately ask of I do sing in a way that is a big compliment for me. They have a guitar with them so we have chai and sing a few songs together before I go back to our place. We enjoy a lot! Crossing the beach I find out hide and seek possible in paradise! YEAH! Back home david has cooked some amazing vegetable curry! With the flowers I make A big Om at the beach in front of our place and then we enjoy food. Suddenly an Indian guy is coming telling everybody police is coming. Here we are relaxed but in many camps around people starting to clean the place. Later we hear a lot of bakshish has been “earned” this evening. After sunset the other Austrian girls come and we make music together until midnight – I sing while giving massage to David, Isabella and everybody else who wants. It´s just a great evening and I keep on smiling at the beautiful people that surround me all the time. I am happy at paradise!

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  1. Had to tweet this. I ride when I can – but will have to do this all next week. More people certainly should.

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