Happy days

I stay at this beach for several days – I stop counting them…. All the beautiful people around me are incredible! We spend the days doing yoga, making music, cooking and caring for one another. It is certainly not india – this is truly paradise! The first days I sleep pretty much in the center of the beach close to Isabellas place. A few days after I change to Dihrs place and shortly after I find out Anna moved there too. I gave reiki to her these days – in a moonlight night on the warm rocks close to the ocean.

The energy was amazing! I never felt intense like this! When done she is the second person I meet I am ready to teach reiki. It seems not possible to be done here in paradise as there are too many diverse energies catching our minds all the time but she promises to visit me in Pushkar. Finally I really start learning how to play guitar here in paradise. One day we go to Gokarna and I accidently buy a drum. Waiting at a music shop for Stefanie and Nora (all Austrian here no more hindi bolna) I find an amazing djembe and knowing I don’t want or need it I just offer too less for him to sell. But he likes me and does sell! I buy a plasticpipe too to make a didgeridoo and in the evenings to come we make even more fantastic music sessions together at the beach.

The days start at sunrise with yoga – for breakfast we have chai with fresh pineapple, banana and papaya in the shade of bananatrees. Daytime we enjoy the waves and in the evening we cook and make music. As there is no electricity soon all cell phones run out of power….. The question “What time is it?” ends mostly with the very correct answer “NOW!” – and that’s all about it!

There is only one small chai shop that is supplied by boat so all people make food and chai all day. A pure hippie beach and I love it too much! Life here is kind, (of) pure and happy!

Though I still have desire prolems and they became worse in these days. One day Anna asks me to go to Pushkar together on the bike and I say Yes! (that’s what india taught me!). Next day I go to Gokarna to get the bike fixed. Our Whole camp: Martin, Dihr, Viola, Greg, and all the others I will keep carrying in my heart, are leaving too. People play songs for us when we leave and I tell Anna to come to Belekan in the evening if she wants to join.

In Gokarn I find out the mechanic is not here today, peanut butter no possible and for the barber I have to wait until after sunset. When coming back to Belekan I haven’t done any of the most important things. I decide to take a very small bag with the most important stuff and spend the evening in paradise. Prakash is a little worried about me walking alone in the jungle in the dark because of the leopard but I go anyway and promise to be back latest 1 o clock. I have some song lyrics I have to give back with me so I cross the beach and as I don’t see any of the girls I walk towards their place.

Nobody home but the Israelis next door invite me to stay. I start talking with Adam who is fantastic guitar player. He is interested in learning some yoga and when I ask him what yoga means to him we have a most interesting discussion. He suggests to go to pushkar together and make one week yoga – guitar training exchange. I am welcome to sleep at their place. When going back to Belekan to get my yoga mat and a blanket I forget the room key at their place so I am back after 10 minutes. I am in no way supposed to leave! The place we are now is different to the places I slept before – being more on the side and like a balcony overviewing the whole beach. Similar things happen in my emotions. The days before I felt all the drama surrounding me to an extend making me believe its my own one. (and its lots of drama in a surrounding like this). Now it feels like I moved out of this emotions – its not me anymore. In fact it never was but by massages, reikis and yoga teaching I connected so much to the people to make me feel the same. I love all of them too much so in a way I am happy to be able to connect in a way like this. But it feels good to realize what is me and what is them. In that very moment I hear the beep of my cellphone making me realize my simcard for some reason works again and I have connection too! First time for a week so I can call Dihr and the others who went to Hampi to tell them I will not come that soon.

Its hard to leave paradise – you can check out anytime you like but….

One thought on “Happy days

  1. HALLO mein Lieber BERNHARD!

    Da ihr der Zeit voraus seid, hast Du ja in Indien schon Geburtstag und ich gratuliere Dir herzlichst und wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag., aber die scheinen ja ohnenhin zu sein..
    Habe heute mein Visum beantragt, kan leider im PC nicht auf die zweite Seite und habe x-mnal angerufen und dann haben sie gesagt, ausnamsweise kann ich es dort ausfüllen, mit dem Haken, dass es dann 20 Euro mehr kostet. Aber es wird Zeit,dass ich die Sachen unter Dach und Fach bekomme.!
    Alles alles Gute nochmals und es dauert ja nicht mehr lange und wir sehen uns.Mana

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