Jan. 16 Paradise – Hampi

[15°20´09”, 076°27´39”]

Km today: 319

Today I make it! Last night at paradise and before sunrise I wake up Adam so we chello before somebody can stop us. Prakash is completely surprised I am leaving. I think there was not one day passing without telling him I will leave tomorrow – but we all know what tomorrow means in india – not today! We have Muesli at his place and after get the bill. For 15 days room and more than 7 day breakfast, lunch, dinner and chai he charges 2001 rupees! Much less than I expected as this is less than 30 euro. I give him 2111 brahmin baksheesh and we hug each other very intensely for a long time before we leave. I promise I will come back. If you click the “sponsors” button u can find his address, phone number and email address. If you are around you might want to stay at his place. It is fully recommended for food, hot shower, hospitality and love by the owner family!
The first 70 kilometers are done quickly. Riding Omtatsat feels comfortable even though we are very heavy with 2 persons and full luggage. Little hard to balance when going slow but as soon as I put second gear all is perfect. After half the way the engine has problem again. The mechanic in Gokarn did not get the spare parts so I expected this to happen. I have spare spark plug with me so we stop in a village to fix the problem. Immediately we are surrounded by people who want to help. This time I don’t need. It takes us 5 minutes to change the spark plug while people look at us like they would “look at monkeys that suddenly start writing” as Adam says later.

The road is amazingly good so we are 30km away from Hampi when the sun sets. At the same moment the streets becomes a construction site, the traffic gets crazy and the night becomes cold. At sunset I was fresh and relaxed but when we arrive in Hampi an hour later I am completely done. We go pretty directly to Shiva guesthouse where I slept on my first india trip. I still have a waypoint for it on my gps so we find it immediately. (The waypoint at the beginning of this post is actually 4 years old) Mogli the son of the owner remembers me at arriving and soon we have a room with hot shower.

Again I fall in love with this place. We will stay here tomorrow to enjoy the amazing sight and I want to do some Yoga in the morning on the rocks. We have chai at the rooftop enjoying my music with Moglis speakers and after go out to have dinner: stuffed capsicum! Me like too much!