Jan 17 Hampi

Waking up early I enjoy sunrise at the roof top. Adam doesn’t wake up until lunchtime so I check Internet, get breakfast and make a walk in the meantime. In front of the temple an old woman calls me “baba, baba come here”. I go to her and tell her if she calling me baba she has to give me donation. She looks at me like I am completely mad but I tell her again that I am not joking. She is totally confused and gives me two bananas for free. I give her blessing and walk away happy smiling. Actually I have a lot of fun here!

At lunchtime we take the boat to the other side. Here is hippieland again. Accommodation is much cheaper so we decide to move tomorrow. I find some awesome rocks for climbing and try a little. We find a guesthouse where we can sleep on the terrace for only 50 rupees a night. Awesome sunset included. We make little music there and then decide to go back as the last boat to the other side goes at 6.30.

We run down to catch the last boat. Boatwallah is aware of our situation being late so he charges 50 rupees each instead of 10. Adam is getting a little aggressive so I react completely calm. I hand 101 rupees including Brahmin baksheesh to the boatwallah. He throws the one rupee all across the boat telling me he is no beggar and Indian people full power blablabla – he even tells us we can go police if we like. In the middle of the river he says bad things about us to the other people on the boat in hindi. They look a little shocked, I understand what he is saying so I tell I have no problem in going police. He turns around the boat until the other people calm him down. 5 minutes later we reach the other side and most of Indian people give me an apologizing look. They seem to be pretty ashamed for what happened. I don’t care and we take a long walk in town. We come to main temple ten minutes before closing and go in. Temple is empty and amazing that time of the day. Around the center I meet some Brahmin people and when they see my drum they ask me to play. I agree but tell them I will chant a mantra first. I chant Om asatoma for 15 minutes in the center of the temple while they make pooja. Acoustic and power are amazing – I feel the power of the place – its awesome. When I am finished Brahmin people say thank you many time and I get prassat (holy food – gods gift). They invite me to come again next day.

Adam seems to be a little weird today. I suggest him to join morning yoga every morning but he doesn’t even though we share sleeping place the last days. Early afternoon he tries to pick up money but without success. He tells me his money is finished. I make several suggestions to solve the problem (like doing some yoga classes to get donation for him) but he refuses. What to do? Slowly he starts taking my power as he is focused on problems instead of solutions. Secretly I start hoping he will not come with me any further. Evening time he calls his girlfriend in Israel by internet and after he tells me he has to go back as fast as possible. This is more than ok with me!

I decide to stay one more day (my birthday) in hampi to do yoga and rock climbing on these amazing boulders all around the place.