guessing game

Finally I decided where to spend the winter! I decided to make a little guessing game about it. You can win a self chosen picture out of my last 2 journeys (high quality printed 20x30cm) by being the first one to guess my next destination. Send an Email with the name of the country to hariom(at) !

TIP: the spoon is logically.

Hemningberg to Neiden – Barent sea

Driving, driving driving through an amazing landscape towards a sudden end at neiden. MAP

Stabbursnes to Hemningberg – infinite beauty & unlimited hospitality

Unfortunately the sky is covered with clouds in this night. We enjoy the night sleeping in beds instead of enjoying the show outside. Our cabin is very comfortable and the house rule “smoking strictly prohibited – in bed!” seems extremely sympathic to us. In the morning we enjoy a breakfast in the sun meeting some of norwegians leading socialist whom had a meeting at Geirs place. I make some music and its suddenly nearly lunchtime so we pack our things and check out. I go to the counter to pay for the cabin but Geir gives me an a little insulted look saying “Hey man, we are friends!”. He gives me a filet of self caught, cold smoked salmon for the way and we say good bye.

I hardly ever experienced so much hospitality like in norway. I can say out of the more than 45 countries I visited yet it is amongst the top three. Not only because of Geir and his friends but also because of many many small stories alike that happened in the last days. Did I already mention how much I start to love norway?

The road today takes us to the far east of norway which means as far east as Cairo! The weather is great and the autumn here shows incredible colors. At night we can enjoy an amazing Aurora and the following night we spend with barent sea view.

I know some of you reading this are probably waiting for the Kirkenes story where my life was seriously threatened. I am sorry for inconvenience but before publishing this story there will be another day of beauty and hospitality. MAP