Hvar 4


Get up at 4:30 to go for the sunrise on my beloved road. Its incredibly beautiful amazing! Then I go back to bed to sleep until noon! Today the shiatsu with Syama is planned and I hurry to get food at Gareta. I find out that Maria is a police officer of duty because of her small children. She tells me how fast she goes with her bike and how to avoid speed controls (if there could be people – there could be police! They never make speed checks out on open roads!). The Food is amazing like always and I hurry to check out a place for shiatsu. At the end I decide to do it right in front of Syamas accommodation near Stari Grad harbor. Shiatsu goes well and is fun – its an amazing place to work here in the nature!

By the way ALL shops were closed all day today for a religious holiday. They are opened even on Sundays (which is… when u r from Austria…. quiet unusual!).

After the shiatsu I enjoy the sunset in Stari Grad and for the first time since I am here I see the sun set in the sea. What a day!

I made a video of the morning ride again and like a proper new love I find out new beautiful aspects of her every day. Riding her is different every time and starting the day together with your love is probably one of the best things that can possibly happen to us…. Enjoy the porn:

Maria and Nicola

Shiatsu at Stari Grad




Hvar 3

Today I wake up early (!!!!)! At eight o’clock already! Shower, sun lotion, and breakfast in the sun on the balcony. Ten minutes after breakfast is finished the sun disappears and I feel drops on my skin. Opposite of me a dark cloud is growing and soon I hear thunder and see lightning. But happily the storm disappears quickly and a hot day is starting. The project of today is visiting my love and finding a place and a victim for a shiatsu video. I asked the friendly staff but they don’t seem to have time enough – anyway, I paid the rest of my bill and found out the food I got in the first two evenings is for free! By now I am pretty sure I will come back here!

I love the hospitality of the people running this place!

After breakfast I visit the neighbor cove to see if there is a good shiatsu place there but I find a lavender plant with lots of butterflies and bumble bees – what a motive to take a few pictures!
Yesterday I found a local place to eat in jelsa with a friendly master cook patron and a sweet waitress who has an even sweeter motorbike. I decide to ask them if they want to be my victims for shiatsu and enjoy lunch there. On the way there I have to visit my love and so I have a big smile on my face when I arrive.

I ask the waitress if she ever managed to ride that road without speeding like crazy – “Impossible” she smiles and my question how many people die on the road each year she replies “just a few” and we laugh. I eat amazing filled paprika with mashed potatoes and incredible sauce. They don’t want to be my victims but they send me to Hvar town as there are yoga classes for the locals in the evening. It seems to be the party place as they tell me but its nice at this time because no party people yet. I jump on the bike and got there to find another beautiful old harbor town with a beautiful castle above.

In the harbor I take a cappuccino in the sun and enjoy the beauty. When I ask the waiter for the yoga people he sends me to a neighboring shop. Should have seen the hippie stuff in front of it myself I think and as there are customers at the moment I decide to take a little walk and take a few pictures. When I come back the lady running the shop and I like each other immediately. I ask for the yoga and tell her what I want. She tells me about a friend who is hare krsna devotee and shiatsu practicioner – and she lives in Stari Grad which is way closer to my place! As I had left my phone at my place she calls her for me and we agree to meet one hour later. I quickly go shopping (found a perfect chai pot exactly like I always wanted) and hit the road.

Syama is very welcoming and agrees to help me with the video. She has been to india several times and teaches Sanskrit which impresses me a lot. We have a cappuccino together a take a little walk. She knows a perfect place for the shiatsu video and we agree to meet tomorrow at five to do it. When I leave I am already a little late for my sunset meeting with my love.

When I prepare for the ride two beautiful girls stop in a white cabrio and ask if I have a problem with the bike and they could help. I am stupid enough to tell them there is no problem and I’m just preparing for a joyride. However – today I make it in 8:26 which is an improvement of 25 seconds compared to yesterday! Unfortunately the girls have confused me enough that I didn’t check the lense and when I take a look at the video later I find out that a fly has crashed with the lense of the gopro and I can’t use the video! Still got two more chances (tomorrow I will do shiatsu at sunset time) for a sunset video of that road and my target is to do it in less than 8 minutes!

When I ride home after sunset I freeze my ass of in the t shirt but still have to stop to take some pictures of a few olive trees I recognized from the corner of my eye. A hot shower is the first thing I do when I come home and then I make chai with the new pot! Love it!

thunderstrom @ paradise
thunderstrom @ paradise

neighbor cove
neighbor cove

no tourists in Hvar!
no tourists in Hvar!

Hvar walk 1
Hvar walk

Hvar walk 2
Hvar walk

Hvar walk 3
Hvar walk

the tourist!!!
the tourist!!! I found him! Open the restaurants!

olive sunset
olive sunset

Hvar 2

Nothing special today… the predicted rain happend at night (before I woke up). Caught a bad sunburn when riding yesterday and was intelligent enough to buy ready made spaghetti for dinner. Of course I visited my love again today and made another amazing video which I have to cut at home before publishing. Been to Stari Grad which happens to be another amazing harbour town and visited the barber there – only machine :(. Enjoyed an amazing sunset :).